Shava Ultra Review 2019

Shava Ultra Review 2019

Photo by George Pang

The SHAVA Ultra is an extremely durable and very affordable ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker that was designed to be a great travel companion no matter where life takes you.


Design & Feel

Looking at the SHAVA Ultra for the first time you can tell it means business. It has metal grills at the front and back wrapped in the same rubber-like plastic material that you find on most rugged water-resistant speakers. Being an outdoor speaker, it has an IPX6 rating which means its waterproof, so it will handle heavy splashes and dunks in water.

At the top, you will find your typical playback controls along with the power and pairing buttons.  While at the back behind the protective flap, you will find your USB charging port, a 3.5 AUX input and a Micro SD slot to play music directly from an SD card. SHAVA has also included a carabiner clip that you can attach to the side of the speaker, it’s very simple to use and highly convenient. Its compact and lightweight form factor means you can use the carabiner clip to clip and hang it from just about anywhere whether your indoors or outdoors.

The IPX6 rating and the robust build quality will inspire a lot of confidence, I was never worried about drops or water damage whether I was using it in the shower or outdoors.



The SHAVA Ultra is running Bluetooth 4.2 technology so the connection will work perfectly fine. Pairing is pretty straightforward and easy and once you pair with your smartphone the speaker will automatically connect to your device every time you turn the speaker on. You will be able to get up to 33-feet in wireless range with a clear line of sight before the signal will start to cut out.



Battery Life

SHAVA claims up to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge. In my real-world testing, I got just over 12 and a half hours of playtime at 50% volume and 9- hours at high volume. That’s even better than a lot of the more expensive ultra-portable speakers on the market.


Sound Quality

The biggest surprise was the audio quality. When it comes to sound quality I am not easily impressed and speakers in this sort of price range don’t usually offer much quality in this department. But the SHAVA Ultra sounds very impressive, it will definitely outperform a lot of the larger and more expensive speakers on the market. No matter if it’s indoors or outdoors this little speaker never disappoints.

The bass is strong and punchy without being overpowering. While the mids are where this speaker shines with rich clean vocals that are extremely detailed. The highs are present but not very strong, you get just the right about of clarity, so it does get raspy or distorted at high volumes.


Photo by George Pang

The SHAVA Ultra doesn’t have any fancy features or gimmicks, it’s a speaker that’s made to get the job done. The portability makes this speaker a winner in my book. It’s extremely rugged, waterproof and very functional. For the size, you get an amazing audio experience backed by excellent durability at an extremely affordable price. I highly recommend this speaker if you’re looking for ultimate portability in a great compact design at a very affordable price. Read Now: Best Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speakers For Travel

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