GameSir X2 Type-C Game Controller

GameSir X2 Type-C Game Controller

GameSir X2 Game Controller

The GameSir X2 Type-C mobile gaming controller is the perfect mobile controller for those you like eSports. It features a patented moveable Type-C plug that adjusts up to 51º adjustable range. This allows you to easily plug and unplug your smartphone without damaging it. 


GameSir X2 Game Controller

Plus, thanks to its wired connection get almost no delay input like you would on a wireless controller. So, you’ll have the extra seconds you need to shoot your opponent, score that goal or touchdown. And thanks to its air-cooling design and soft rubber grips, you can play comfortably for hours with no discomfort.


GameSir X2 Game Controller

Finally, this controller is an ultra-low power consumption device which means you can play for a long time without draining your phone’s battery.

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