Best Tips & Tricks For Nvidia Shield 2018

Best Tips & Tricks For Nvidia Shield 2018

The Nvidia SHIELD Android TV is a powerful streamer and gaming device with a ever growing library of games and apps. I want to give you some tips and tricks to help you get more from your SHIELD experience like how expand your storage, and knowing your control features.


 Expand Your

If you find your SHIELD is low on storage don’t worry you can expand your storage by either USB 3.0 (Flash Drive) or External Hard Drive.

Once you connect your new External Storage or Flash Drive at the back of your SHIELD box you will need to change your default storage from internal storage to your new external storage device.



Knowing Your Control Features

Your SHIELD Controller is pack with a bunch of great features that you might not know about, here are 4 features that I want you to know about

  • Shield controller also works with your SHIELD Tablet.
  • Your Shield  has a 3.5 mm Head Phone jack that supports stereo and audio/ Head Phones
  • A micro SD port and USB charger
  • Your SHIELD controller has  60 + hours of game-play


Pausing And Playing Using Your Shield Remote

Whenever you are watching a movie or just paying music you have the option of pausing it, just double-tap the volume slider and when your ready to start again just double-tap the volume slider again.



The Quick Switcher

This Feature allows you to access your most recently used apps and find the app you wanna switch to. Just double -tap the Name button of your controller or remote, you will then see the list of your most frequently used apps. You can then open or close the app of your choosing.



Connect Your Shield To Your PC Via USB

You can connect your Shield to your PC via USB by using a USB-A to USB-A cable giving your PC access to your SHIELD Box. To do this just connect your USB-A to USB-A cable to both devices then go into your SHIELD Settings, select Storage and reset the flip switch to complete your connection.

To See More Click HERE


Arrange Your Apps

If your app arrangement isn’t to your liking you can just rearrange them to your liking. With your controller or remote, long press on the app you want to move until the rest of the interface fades away, then just move the app to where you want it to go. The apps will stay in the order you choose until you decide to move them again.



Control Your TV Using Your SHIELD Remote & Controller

Did you know you can use Both your SHIELD remote and controller to control the power and volume on your TV and AV reciever?

Go to Settings, then Display & Sound, there you with see Power Control ( CEC TV on/ off ), as well as  Volume Control ( CEC ), turn them both on.


Turn Of Your WiFi Scanner

If your sick of always seeing  Scanning For WiFi in the background, you can disable it by  Going into the Settings, then Network and uncheck  the option Scanning Always Available.


Streaming on Twitch

The Nvidia Shield has the capability to stream your gameplay on Twitch.  All you have to do is, long press the Home button, then you will see 3 options ( Record, Broadcast, and Screenshot ).  Select the Broadcast option and the Twitch Application will start up, and your on your way.

>If you don’t have a Twitch account, make sure you create one in order to use this feature<



I hope you found these helpful Tip and Tricks helpful, if you have any tips or tricks that you want to share or if you have any questions about this topic please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.



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