What Is A Streaming Media Player/ Streaming Device?

Streaming Media Player is a device you connect to your television or home theater to the internet, allowing you to stream movies and music from online services. These devices come in different shapes an sizes but there are two types Streaming Media Players, DONGLES and SET-TOP BOXES.

DANGLES: Typically are small and portable often cheaper than SET-TOP BOXES

SET-TOP BOXES: Are much bigger and faster due to their higher computer power and include and Ethernet port for more stronger and reliable connection.

For first time buyers of  Media Streamer I always recommend to the cheaper and more affordable DANGLES like Amazon Fire TV or Roku Express and for enthusiasts who want a powerful streaming device I recommend the SET-TOP BOXES like the Roku Ultra and the Apple TV.


Can Streaming Devices Work With Any TV?

Yes! In most cases but it all depends on which connection ports you have on your TV, HDMI or VGA. HDMI ports will work for most media streamers, but if your TV has RCA ports ( Red, White & Yellow colour ) then your going to have to use a HDMI to RCA converter to connect your device to your TV or get a Roku Express+ Streaming Player that works with both RCA and HDMI.


Do I Need Internet Service To Use A Streaming Media Player?

Yes you do need internet service to use your Streaming Device. The whole purpose of streaming is to get a signal from the internet to play videos and music, without that internet signal your device wont work.


Is A Streaming Device A Better Option Than Cable & Satellite Service?

This will all depend on what you like because streaming bundles are Quickly catching up to Satellite and Cable services, they still have more content for now. With streaming starting to fill the gap choosing a streaming device today would not be a bad option.


After Buying A Streaming Device Do I Have To Pay For Content?

Yes you do have to pay for content just like Neflix account holders or even Satellite and Cable, you have to pay a monthly fee to get all your content. But there are some free content available for eg. Amazon Prime makes a subset of there video library available for free.


I hope my answers helped you get a better understanding of these Streaming Devices, if you have any more questions about these device please comment below.


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