Best Tips & Tricks For Roku 2017

Best Tips & Tricks For Roku 2017

Roku Streamers are the most popular streaming devices which delivers great video to your TV and I want to help to improve your Roku streaming experience by sharing some tip and tricks to customize and enhance your Roku Streaming Device.



Turn Your Mobile Device Into A Remote

Did you know that there’s a Roku mobile app for Android or iOS devices which can turn your mobile device (phone/ tablet) into a Roku remote and control center. This works with all Roku streaming devices. You will be able to stream, add, rate channels, enter text using your mobile device keyboard and browse, all from your mobile device.

Adding Private Channels

Did you know that you have the ability to access private channels that aren’t displayed like the other channels like Netflix. These private channels can be adult or family friendly and can be accessed from:,,, and

Expanding Your Storage

If you find yourself out of Storage Space on your Roku Device adding a micro SD card is the best option. The micro SD card can only be used to store channel information, but don’t be discouraged because this is a great option that will help to improve the speed to load channels faster.

Note: Micro SD Card can’t store any media files from your Roku Device and micro SD Cards will format automatically when using for the first time in your Roku Device so make sure you don’t have anything important stored on the SD Card.


Recording Content Via Antenna

Your Roku play allows you to pause and record live TV programs via an antenna. So you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite programs.


Stream Media From Mobile Devices

The Roku app allows you to stream your music, photos and videos from your phone or tablet to your Roku Streaming Device to be view on your TV. Just tap Play On Roku in your Roku app and choose the type of media you want to stream and your good to go.


Organise Channels In Your Library

Organizing channels will be important the more channels you add because they are automatically arrange by default. But by selecting the channels from your My Channel section then tap the Option Button and selecting Move Channel, you’ll now be able to organize your channels to your desire.


Change Your Theme

To change Roku’s default purple screen to something you prefer, go to Setting, then Themes and try the free themes. If you want more themes you go to the Roku Channel Store themes where you will find dozens of options, but you have to pay a small fee from 99 cents to $2.99.


Change Your Screensaver

Just like your theme you also have the same option of changing your screen saver by going to your  Setting menu and choose Screen Saver or head over to the Channel Store and find a lot more options with some screen savers being free and the rest you will have to pay for.


If you have have any questions or want to share a few tip and tricks of your own please comment below..






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