11 Common Problems With The Nintendo Switch 2017

11 Common Problems With The Nintendo Switch 2017

Consumers all over the world have have been giving the Nintendo Switch a lot of love but its not perfect here are 11 common problems Switch owners have been experiencing so far.


  • The Joy-Con disconnects from time to time; Nintendo is aware of this and I hope a firmware will fix the issue.


  • The plastic flap/ kickstand that hides the Switch’s micro SD slot is very flimsy and doesn’t seem sturdy at all.


  • The screen is really tough to see outdoors, especially anywhere it’s sunny.


  • Joy-Con wrist-straps: Removing these plastic covers from the Joy-Con is surprisingly annoying.


  • The dock scratches will eventually scratch the consoles screen.


  •  Users have also experienced screen freezes, as well as horrible Switch seizures that cause the system to blare a high pitched squeal while lights flash faster.


  • Low in storage. 32 GB is really nothing to create a library of future games. You’ll need a micro SD upgrade for the long haul.


  • The switch screen has dead pixel issue that is destroying the mobile experience.


  • Both controllers (Joy and Pro) don’t have a headphone output and so far no support for Bluetooth headsets.


  • You can’t transfer your save games to a new console or an SD card. So you can’t  back up our future games.


  • When you put the Switch in the dock you still lose battery life.


If you’re experiencing any problems with your Nintendo Switch console or if you have any questions please comment below..





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