9 Important Tips and Tricks For Nintendo Switch Users

9 Important Tips and Tricks For Nintendo Switch Users


The all new Nintendo Switch console

has only been released for a few months on the market and is already beloved and cherished by many across the world here are a few helpful tips and trick to help you enjoy your gaming experience whether you just bought your Switch or planning to in the near future.


  • A lot of people have already fallen victim to breaking the Joy-Con strap on the Joy-Con control when removing the strap from the Joy-Con. So be careful when removing the Joy-Con strap from the Joy-Con cause its prone to breaking if not done rite, so make sure to follow the steps correctly for add and removing them..
  • While playing a game you can hold down the home button and that brings up a quick menu without closing out your game. This menu shows you your time and battery life plus you can also put the console into sleep mode, turn auto brightness on and off or just adjust the brightness manually and turn on airplane mode..
  • Turning down your brightness to a decent level helps with battery life and will give you up to 30% more game time..
  • This is a warning- Do not put skins on your Switch. The skin maker D-Brand has already put the warnings out there and has started to give refunds to people who have bought decals from them for the Nintendo Switch. After numerous testing of all types of Switch console D-Brand found that the problem is in the adhesive used on the skin, so stay away from decals for now..
  • You can’t switch Micro SD cards between console so don’t bother trying you will have to format the cards in order to use it in another console..
  • Always remember that you can’t copy game saving files from the console to your Micro SD card at all, so don’t bother trying to transfer or backing it up to your Micro SD card from your console.
  • If your charging in TV mode the charging will be extremely slower than it really should be, so keep that in mind..
  • The only way to charge the Joy-Con is by having them attached to the console itself when the console isn’t been used. But the Joy-Con has a 20 hour battery life so you shouldn’t run into any problems there..
  • When buying a charging pack make sure you buy one with same specks as your Nintendo Switch cause the switch will have a hard time charging from different charging packs especially if charging and playing at the same time.

I hope these tips and tricks are useful for you whether you own a Nintendo Switch or a potential buyer in the future. If you have any tips or tricks of the Nintendo Switch that you wanna share or if you have any questions, please do leave a comment below. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.



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