Download Netflix Shows & Movies On Windows 10 Computer

Download Netflix Shows & Movies On Windows 10 Computer

So now you can finally binge watch your favorite TV shows and movies offline on your window 10 laptop or PC by downloading them straight from Netflix. To download from Netflix for offline use on a Windows 10 machine follow these simple steps below.

But first please make sure that you have a valid Netflix Account. 

If you don’t have the Netflix app on your computer, head over to your Windows Store and download the free Netflix app.


How To Download From Netflix

The First thing to note is that Netflix does not make its entire library available for download, but much of it is. To see which shows and movies are available for download CLICK on the Menu Button on the top left, then select Available for Download.

  • For movies and other single-episode items, look for the Down-Arrow button with the word Download when you click on a thumbnail to expand it. (Just CLICK on it to Download)
  • For TV episodes, look for just the down-arrow button for each episode. (Just CLICK on it to Download)



Where To Find Download Items Located?

To see all of your downloaded shows and movies, head over to your Menu and select My Downloads, Where you will see all your downloads including the file size of each movie and TV show.


How To Delete Your Downloads

You can delete a show in a few ways:

  • You can simply expand a show and CLICK on the Download button, then you will see a small pop-up window with a Delete Download button.
  • You can CLICK the Pencil Icon located in the top right of the main My Downloads view, then just to select the items you want to delete, and when you’re done selecting these items CLICK the trash icon in the top right to delete them.


If you have any question about this article please comment below I would love to hear from you.


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