Dashbon Flicks Mobile Projector & Mobile Home Entertainment System

Dashbon Flicks Mobile Projector & Mobile Home Entertainment System

The Dashbon Flicks is a really awesome portable projector with a Bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker with dual full-range drivers and subwoofer and a built-in LED projector with a resolution of 1280×800.

The entire device is made from plastic from front to back but it is well built. The speaker faces the rear with the projector on the front along with a little lens flare ring.



On the top of your projector is where all your controls live. To turn on you have two options, you can turn on the projector which will turn on the speakers and HDMI port so will be ready to go or you can just turn the speakers portion on which keeps the projector turned off for those times you just want to listen to tunes.

There’s also a battery indicator button and the bluetooth pairing button but you don’t have to use bluetooth if you don’t want to because along with main charging port underneath the projector lens in the front you have all of your connection ports including axillary port, headphone port, HDMI port, microSD service port and a power output for charging your phone or tablet.

In the box, you also get a remote control with buttons for controlling everything except for the projector menu setting.


Power Up

The first thing you notice when you turn on the projector is the sound of the fan kicking in, this won’t be a big issue though because once you’re watching a movie with the speaker turned up or you’re using a pair of headphones you won’t be able to hear the fan at all.

When turned on you are greeted with the Dashbon splash screen and from there you can jump into the display menu by pressing the menu button at the top where you can make adjustments to the volume, brightness, contrast, flip the orientation around and adjust the tilt.

For best results, I would advise using a flat white bed sheet or an actual projector screen. Dashbon recently had an IndieGoGo campaign fully funded for their new magic screen in either 25inch or 80inch sizes. They just pop open and easily folds away. You can Purchase Magic Screen  HERE


The image will get larger the further away the projector is from the surface you’re projecting on. You can connect streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast and more via the HDMI port.

Regardless of what you use the picture quality is really good and the maximum display size and distance can get up to 100 inch at 8½ feet while still maintaining a level of image sharpness that is very acceptable.

It can play back movies or whatever you’re using the projector with for up to 4 hours or 28 hours of music playback at 140w hours or you can get the more expensive 280w hour’s version with 8 hours of movie playback and 58 hours of music playback. But there is plenty of time on the the smaller version to watch at least a full-length movie at the beach or when camping and still have some power left over for the after party.


Playing in audio mode only sounds pretty good, music sounds loud and with decent bass. It’s not as good as other Bluetooth speakers in the same price range. But keep in mind this is also a projector with a giant battery.





The Dashbon Flicks is pretty expensive but remember it’s a projector, Bluetooth speaker, and giant battery for charging your devices. This basically your mobile multimedia entertainment center that you can take anywhere you want and that makes the Dashbon unique. I love the Dashbon Flicks and I strongest recommend buying despite the price tag.

My Overall Rating: 8.4 OUT OF 10

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