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The KeyOne is BlackBerrys latest and greatest Android smartphone that’s unlike any other. It has has tons of features that you might not know about as yet so i want to help you to get to know your KeyOne even more by sharing these kool Tips and Tricks with you.



The Home Screen

  • Home Screen Shortcuts

Similar to the physical keyboard you can add shortcuts to your home screen. To do this Tap and Long press the screen, then >Widgets >Shortcuts in the pop-up window. You can then choose which shortcut you want.


  • Swipe-Up Widgets

This feature allows you to see a widget every time you swipe up on the icon. To do this just Swipe up on the icon, and choose which widget you want to see. Any app with a widget will have three white dots beneath its icon on the home screen.


  • Customize App Icons

You can customize your app icons by pressing and holding on the home screen then Select> Icons. You will then see the default installed icon packs. If you want more customizable icons, open your Google Play Store in the top right corner, and you will see more downloadable icon packs. You can download whichever ones you like.


  • Customizing The Productivity Tab

You can customize the productivity tab and change the size of the tab, adjust its transparency, swipe sides or remove it all together. To do this just Slide The Productivity Tab across from the right of the screen,  Tap the Settings and make your adjustment


  • Change Apps Style

If you want to change app style you have three options, each with a different style of view. To change app style go to Settings menu > Display and scroll down to Recent.


  • Change To Dark Theme

You can change your theme by Long Pressing and Holding your Home Screen, Tap the Settings menu and then head to the Theme option.



Other Bits


  • Camera manual mode

To enable the manual shooting mode, open the camera app, then Settings> Control Mode, tap the drop down box and then choose Manual.


  • Convenience Key

Your Convenience Key is the button below the volume rocker switch you can use it to assign shortcuts or to launch an app like Google Voice Search so you can give your phone voice commands. To do this head to Settings > Convenience Key.


  • Boost Charging

When you plug the phone in to charge, an option pops up on screen allowing you to select Boost mode. This restricts background processes to focus on filling up the battery as quickly as possible.



Physical Keyboard


  • Add  Shortcut

You can use all the available keys as a potential shortcut to open an app, choose a contact, view alarms, create a calendar event, plus much more. To add a shortcut go to your Home Screen,  Press the letter key you want to use, then choose from the assigned shortcut window that pops up.


  •  Long-Press Shortcut
This is basically the same as adding a typical shortcut, except you press and hold the key you want to assign a shortcut to. After which you get the same options.
  • Choose Predictive Words By Swiping

This feature gives you the option to select one of the three predictive words you get while typing by swiping on the touch sensitive surface of your keyboard without pressing a key. To use this feature simply Swipe anywhere on the left of the keyboard to select the first word on the left, swipe the right side to select the word on the right and swipe in the middle to select the word in the middle.


  • Swipe To Delete Words

You can simply delete the last word you type with the swipe option, just swipe quickly from right to left on the keyboard.


  • Moving The Cursor

To move the cursor while you’re typing, just double-tap the surface of the touch sensitive surface of the keyboard, which then reveals the cursor. You can then move it around your screen by swiping across the surface of the keys.


  • Using The Fingerprint Reader

Your space bar is also a finger reader. You can set this up by heading to your Settings menu > Security and select “Fingerprint. It might ask you to set another form of security first, just go through that process, when your finish with that your see screen that lets you add your fingerprint. Just place your thumb or a finger of your choice on the sensor then lift, and repeat until it tells you it’s done.


BlackBerry Hub

  • Creating A Custom View

If get tired of the default Hub, you have the option of creating your own by going to the Hub Menu, > Settings > Add View, you can then choose which accounts and notifications you want to show and also add an Unread Filter to show your unread notifications.


  • Changing Your Default Email Account

To change your default email account head to your Hub Settings Menu > General Settings.  Your default email account is the top option,  you can choose which email account you want to use by default to send a new message.


  • Enable dark theme

You can transform you Hub from the default white these to a dark gray theme. There is a toggle for switching to the dark theme underneath the default email account option.



  • Custom Alerts

Did you know you can create a custom alert within your email account based on who the email is sent to or from, and even based on what’s in the subject of the email. You can even choose the LED notification light color and much more. To apply this feature head over to Hub Settings Menu where you will see a Custom Alerts option which lets you create a custom alert within an email account.


  • Changing Your Account Colors

You can add different colors to your many messaging accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many more. This will help you to differentiate between them. To apply this feature open Hub Setting Menu > Account Color, then select the hue you want.

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I hope these tips and tricks will help you to enjoy using you BlackBerry KeyOne even more. If you have any questions at all or you want to share some tip and tricks of your own about the key one please comment below.

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