Anker SoundBuds Slim Review 2019

Anker SoundBuds Slim Review 2019


I’m always looking out for great budget headphones and the Anker SoundBuds Slim are another pair of good headphone. Anker is well known for making great budget accessories for smartphones.

These SoundBuds Slim headphones are a very popular product on Amazon and can be yours for $25 or less.


Anker has made a name for themselves by selling a host of budget phone accessories that are relatively inexpensive and well built but manage to avoid looking cheap. The same can be said for these Sound Bud Slim.



The SoundBuds Slim has a simple elegance to them and is sturdily built with a metal housing and a fairly thick cord. It’s sweat resistant and comes with a basic carrying pouch for storage.

Battery life is rated at 7-hours at moderate volume levels which are fairly decent for a pair $20 earbuds.



They fit well and comes with four different size silicone tips and three size sports hooks to help lock the buds in place. The larger tips and hooks will allow you to get a secure tight seal which will maximize your sound quality.

The earbuds are also magnetic so you can wear the earbuds around your neck like a chain when you’re not listening to them. The USB port is on the inline remote and also the volume and the microphone for making calls.



The mic isn’t impressive but it’s ok for making calls. For the low price, these earphones deliver great sound, the bass can be a little boomy and the treble a bit edgy when the volume is turned all the way up. So if you like playing your music loud these might not be the headphones for you. But the average consumer will be satisfied with the SoundBuds Slim. So if you’re looking for a decent pair of cheap sweat resistant wireless headphones for exercise or everyday use the Sound Bud Slim is a great choice.

My Overall Rating: 7.6 OUT OF 10

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