USB Rechargeable Batteries 2021

USB Rechargeable Batteries 2021

USB rechargeable batteries offer a more efficient and energy-saving way to use and also recharge the batteries.





Unlike a regular rechargeable battery that normally requires a bulky charging station to recharge your batteries, USB Rechargeable batteries only require a USB port for charging. These batteries are available in both AA and AAA battery and are also both 1.5 V’s.

The AA’s are 1200mAh and the AAA’s are 400mAh. These batteries will fit just like regular batteries in all your gadgets and accessories that require batteries like toys, remote controls, keyboards, mice and so much more.






USB batteries are Lithium so unlike alkaline, nickel metal hydroid or nickel-cadmium batteries these don’t build up any kind of memory effect that will reduce the capacity over time which makes these batteries last way long with up a 1000 cycle limit so you won’t be replacing them any time soon.





Charging is quick and easy, in less than 2 hours you will be fully charged and ready to go. These impressive batteries are extremely safe and environmentally friendly with approval from the FCC CE and RoHS.

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