Artix – The Best Budget Power Water Resistant Backpack

Artix – The Best Budget Power Water Resistant Backpack

Charging bags are really kool but the problem is they are really expensive.The Artix Power Backpack aims to change all that.

The Artix Backpack will hold a 15 inch laptop very safe and secure and it’s also water resistant.


The front compartment is very roomy, it goes all the way to the bottom of the bag and there are also some organizational slots to put your pens and cellphones, but it might get a bit cramped because of the built-in power unit.

The front also features a padded handle and the back has shoulder straps with minimal padding.

The laptop compartment is located at the back of the bag with great padding for excellent protection. The main compartment is really awesome it has built-in USB cables for charging your devices. The compartment is pretty roomy and should fit all your books, but theres no organization slots.


The Charging

The Artix  Backpack has a Built in 7000mAh lithium battery charging system that’s removable. You have charging a port at the front of the bag for charging the battery that’s inside the bag. Another great feature is that there are 2 USB external charging ports on both sides of the bag to charge your devices. There’s a power button on the front of the bag so whatever device you plug in will start charging once you press the power button and just above the power button is the battery indicator that shows you how much power is left.




For less than $70 the Artix Power Backpack is a great deal when compared to more expensive power backpacks. You’re getting a very durable, water resistant backpack that will carry all your devices and books safe and secure and will charge your devices both on the inside and outside of the bag. You can’t go wrong with the Artix Power Backpack.

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