Best Drones of 2019

Best Drones of 2019

The popularity of drones has taken off in recent years. Drones are the best way to produce beautiful cinematography from up great heights. Whether you have deep pockets to splurge or a very tiny budget, a Pro or you’re looking to be a first-time owner, there’s a drone here for you. One thing to keep in mind is a that a really high-quality drone is going to cost you, but more you spend the better the quality. Read Next:  Drones For  / Kids$250$60/  



Syma X5C

Priced From $30USD

The X5C is a very simple quadcopter that has a 6-axis Gyro stabilization system and accelerometers to ensures maximum stability during flight. It has a 720p HD camera for recording videos but the video quality is far from impressive, it’s average at best. But it can perform flips with 360-degrees, it’s also wind resistant so you can fly it both indoors or outdoors.  

The Syma X5C works really well you get 7 minutes of flight time, with a range of 40m and 100 minutes of recharge time. It also has LED lights for night time flying, making a great option for those interested in night flying and looking for a cheap alternative.

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DJI Spark

Priced From $344USD

The DJI Spark is the newest and most affordable flying camera from the company that has made drones a household name. This is a pretty small drone that can fit in the palm of your hand, it’s also very quiet when compared to most drones. The Spark was designed to appeal to first-time drone owners. You get 16 minutes of flight time, with a max speed of 31 mph and you’re able to fly via WiFi using your Android or iOS smartphone, but for a better flying experience, faster speeds, and more distant you need the controller. You can also use hand gestures just like the Mavic Pro to control it.

There’s a variety of flight modes and also a 3D obstacle detection system. The Spark will also return automatically to the exact spot that it took off from, but make sure you have a solid GPS signal and a strong WiFi connection. One kool feature is that it has a microSD port so you can plug-in a portable charger on the go to charge it up. It has motorized stabilization to capture 12 megapixel photos and 1080p full HD videos upscaled to 4K to give some awesome footage, image quality isn’t as good as its bigger and more expensive siblings that shoot more beautiful images in full 4K, but image quality is still wonderful especially when compared to other drones in this price range. The DJI Spark is an incredibly small and portable drone that’s really easy to flight with awesome image quality making the perfect drone a first owner.

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Syma X5SC

Priced From $59USD

The Syma X5SC is a budget-friendly drone that has a flight time of 6-8 minutes with a range of 150 feet along with HD video and pictures, a headless mode and a very sturdy frame. The rechargeable 500mAh battery takes 2 hours to recharge. The Syma X5SC is very durable there have been online reviews of people flying them into trees, walls, doors, ceilings and more and it still worked. Plus replacement parts are cheap and easy to replace if you ever suffer a major damage. Image quality is what you would expect from this price range it’s decent at best. You can buy additional batteries for under $20 to extend your flight time and fun.

Being a drone at this price range there will be a few drawbacks like stability outdoors is quite challenging, just a slight gust of wind will make it challenging to bring it under control. Despite that, the Syma X5SC is a great budget-friendly drone that you should consider.

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DJI Mavic Pro

Priced From $920USD

The DJI Mavic Pro is an extremely powerful lightweight portable drone that can fold up easily to the size of a milk carton. It has a flight time of 27 minutes and a range of up to 4 miles with a maximum speed of 40mph  thanks to its powerful battery. The Mavic is much smaller and quieter than the Phantom 4 with almost identical image quality. There is GPS navigation and satellite for accurate location control. The Mavic Pro will dodge any obstacle that could potentially knock it out of the sky thanks to obstacle avoidance.

You’re able to shoot awesome footage in 4K video, with autofocus and image stabilization, you can even live stream to Youtube, Facebook, Periscope, and also capture stills with the 12-megapixel camera. The Mavic Pro has gesture control so you can make it follow you around by just waving your arms in the air. You’re able to fly the Mavic Pro via WiFi using iOS or Android smartphone or you can use the pocket-sized controller with integrated smartphone holder for even better control and longer distance. It will land automatically in the exact spot that it took off from.

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Parrot Bebop 2

Priced From $322USD

The Parrot Bebop 2 is a great drone to have, it has GPS along with tons of features and is remarkably easy to fly by either an iOS and Android device or by the dedicated Sky controller tablet which gives a more controlled and satisfying flying experience.

It has a really impressive flight time of 25 minutes, there’s also an emergency cut-out feature which will stop the rotors if it comes in contact with any obstacle. The image quality is pretty decent but it lacks the quality and sharpness of a more powerful drone.

The Bebop 2 doesn’t use a digital camera stabilizing system but instead favors a mechanical gimbal to keep videos steady and will also pan down with the camera moving. The Parrot Bebop 2 is the drone if you’re budget is in the $300 price range, it’s easy to operate with a flight time of 25minutes.

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DJI Phantom 4

Priced From $719USD

The DJI Phantom 4 is the best camera drone you can buy for under $1000. One of the biggest pluses about the Phantom 4 is that both expert and novice fliers will find it easy operate because of the safety system which will automatically avoid obstacles that poses a threat.

The Phantom 4 can fly 4 miles above sea level at speeds of up to 45mph but the FAA has regulations that cuts that down to 400 feet in certain areas with tight restrictions. It has a flight time of 28 minutes and 75 minutes recharge time which makes this drone one of the best in any price range. There are various flight modes for different stabilities like autonomous flying, sport mode, positioning and more.

The stand out feature is the camera with 4K capture and a fixed F2.8 aperture. You can record videos at a maximum 30 frames per second with the gimbal making sure that most of the shaking and twisting of the drone doesn’t affect your video and you can capture images in either JPG, RAW DNG or RAW + JPG at 12-megapixel resolution. There’s also a built-in video editor to add some music, text and more and more to your videos. The DJI Phantom 4 is one of the best drones on the market.

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Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon


Priced From $599 USD

The Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon is the perfect done for those amateur fliers that are looking to step up there flying game. It has a very sleek design that makes it stand out from every other drone in its price range. You get a flight time of up to 15 minutes.

This impressive machine is able to capture beautiful stable photos and 4K videos thanks to the 3-axis anti-vibration CG03 gimbal camera and optimized fixed focus lens. It also captures slow motion 1080p videos at 120fps (frames-per-second). There’s even an Angle mode for getting the best photos. The Q500 is extremely portable so you’re able to remove the camera and legs with relative ease for travel. Like most of the other drones on this list, there’s a home mode that recalls the Q500 to land at the exact place that it took off from.

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Parrot Mambo

Priced From $108USD

The Parrot Mambo is a great indoor drone to practice on because of its excellent stability it will hover in one spot perfectly, you can also do fun acrobatic like flips and barrel rolls. You can control it using the Freeflight 3 app for iOS and Android with 20m of range or via the optional Parrot Flypod transmitter for a more accurate control, with 65m of range. There’s also included novelty clip-on fittings that will allow it to pick up tiny items and shoot balls at a target.

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DJI Inspire 2

Priced From $2,929USD

DJI is the king of drones, they are way ahead of the pack and the Inspire 2 just cements that. It’s the ultimate drone that’s perfect for a professional videographer. The Inspire 2 is made from magnesium and carbon fiber with large motors that are powered by dual batteries. This makes it lightweight and fast topping out at 58 mph with a flight time of 27 minutes. The landing gear is retractable so the camera operator will be able to shoot 360 degrees panorama view. Just like its much cheaper DJI siblings the Inspire 2, it has forward, downward and upward facing obstacle avoidance to give you that extra security and confidence while flying.

The camera lens and sensors are attached to the gimbal and the Pro-Spec CineCore 2.0 image processing is located inside of the nose of the drone, so you can change the camera lens very easily without a hassle. This is a phenomenal piece of machinery that produces quality of the highest order.

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DJI Mavic Air

Priced From $799USD

The Mavic Air is one of DJI’s latest for 2018. It combines the best features from the Spark and the high-end Mavi Pro, plus some new capabilities that make it one of the absolute best drones one the market. This powerful little drone can fold up very easily making the ideal drone for travel. It has a flight time of up 21 minutes and a range of up to 2.4 miles which is pretty impressive considering its size.

The camera with its 3-axis gimbal is capable shooting HDR photos and 4K videos at 30fps (frames per second) or you can drop to 120fps (frames per second) at 1080p for slow-motion videos. The camera features also include 32-megapixel spherical panorama and also active tracking of moving subjects like the DJI Spark.

This drone can be flown entirely with hand gestures that now includes taking off and landing. There are sensors in the front, back and on the bottom that lets the Mavic Air know just where it is in the environment. It can use that information to avoid hitting obstacles by navigating around or over them, even if it’s flying backward. You can record to its 8GB of internal storage or a micro SD card.        Read Next:  Drones For  / Kids$250$60/

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome  Drones above, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Drones please comment below.



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