Wekey Pocket Review 2017 – The Thinnest Compact Wireless Keyboard In The World

Wekey Pocket Review 2017 – The Thinnest Compact Wireless Keyboard In The World


The Wekey Pocket just might be the slimmest, lightest and smallest keyboard you will ever come across.

This is a keyboard that is thinner than your smartphone and can fit very comfortably in your pocket. But it might not be for everyone. If you want to travel light and don’t want to bring a whole laptop, then you could bring the Wekey Pocket and connect it to your smartphone then use it to write on your phone from anywhere on the go. It can be very useful if you do a lot of typing on your phone.


Your Keyboard

The keyboard much lighter than a smartphone with a micro USB port for charging and up to 1 month of battery life after charging.

When you unfold the keyboard you will see just how extra thin the Wekey Pocket is.

The keys don’t press down at all, it’s touch activated and will take some time to get used to. At the top, you will see the different function keys including the multimedia key for volume control.

To pair the keyboard with your device just hit FN and P at the same time and that will turn on Bluetooth pairing mode. There are keys for  Android, Windows, and iOS in which you can select the Operating System ( OS ) that you will be using with it.



Typing might take some time to get used to for some even tho its touch sensitive like your smartphone. It makes a little beeping sound each time you hit a key, that’s the only feedback you’re going to get from the keyboard. And some people will not like the lack of feedback from the keyboard and should consider buying a different keyboard. The beeping can be turned off you like to type quietly.




The best part about the Wekey Pocket is just how portable it is. It’s super thin, very light, lighter than smartphones and it’s so easy to carry around whether in your pocket or in your hand. I think it’s better than typing on a smartphone screen because when you’re typing on a phone for long hours your hands start to get cramped after a while and that’s where the Wekey Pocket keyboard becomes a very good accessory to have.

My Overall Rating: 7.2 OUT OF 10

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If you have any questions or opinions about the Wekey Pocket keyboard please comment below I would love to hear from you.


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