3 Ways To Take Screen Shots On Your Galaxy S8

3 Ways To Take Screen Shots On Your Galaxy S8

Photo Credit: Andri Koolme

With the new bold new curved design of the Galaxy S8, there is no physical home button available anymore like on previous versions of flagship phones. This will change the way you take screen shots. Here are 3 ways to take screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S8.

 Volume Down & Power Button

Press and hold down the volume down and power button at the same time until you see the screen capture taken. After taking the screenshot you’re immediately given the option to edit the image to your preferred quality.


Palm Swipe To Capture

This is an older feature that Samsung introduced a few years ago, it allows you to take a screenshot by simply swiping the palm of your hand across the screen in either direction. You can find it under SETTINGS the scroll down to Tap Palm Swipe To Capture.

Warning: This feature can sometimes be cumbersome to use and quite difficult to trigger.



Smart Select Edge Panel

This feature allows you to take screenshots by swiping right from your screen edge. To enable this go to  SETTING, then Display, then EDGE SCREEN and toggle it on. You must then swipe from the right edge of the screen where you will see the indicator, Tap the SETTINGS button at the bottom and then Tap the Checkbox above the Smart Select Panel and you will be ready to take screenshots.

To take Screenshots just swipe right from the edge of the display until you reach the Swipe  Select Panel, you will then have the option to choose between rectangle, oval or animation, drag and resize the windows then Tap DONE.


I hope these Screenshot features help you to understand your Galaxy S8 even more and provide you with the best options for taking Screenshots.



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