This Trick Lets You Move iPhone Apps Around Easier Than Ever

This Trick Lets You Move iPhone Apps Around Easier Than Ever

Photo Credit: George Pang – YourTechSpace

If you have lots of pages of apps on your iPhone, it can be a pain to move them around. But I have a easy solution.


This is a simply solution to move your apps across screens if you have lots of pages them on your iPhone, cause we all know how frustrating it can be to move them around.

Just use the dock.

Here’s what you should do, scroll all the way right to the last page. Then long press on any app to activate jiggle mode, jiggle allows you to relocate apps on your iphone ( but be careful not to activate 3D Touch if you’re using a iPhone 6S or later). Now in jiggle mode, you’re going to remove one of the apps from the dock and place it on that last page temporarily. Doing this will frees up space on the dock to move apps back and forth to the other pages on your home screen. To start moving your apps around, drag the app you want relocate to the dock.

Head to the spot where you want to put it and then just drag the app from the dock to its new spot. You can repeat this as many times to move all your apps around.


When your finish rearranging your apps just press the home button to lock everything down.


I hope you find this trick very useful to manage your apps, if you have any questions please comment below.


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