UE Megablast Review 2018

UE Megablast Review 2018

The UE Megablast is the Bigger brother to the UE Blast.

When you hold the Megablast in your hand for the first time you’ll notice how similar it looks to the UE MegaBoom but the Megablast is a bit bigger with sharper lines and a cleaner look. It weighs less than the JBL Extreme and the Sony XB40.

The Megablast is extremely durable, stain proof, waterproof, mud proof, and even drop proof. It will handle just about anything you can throw at it. It has an IP67 rating so it can stay submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes in 1m deep water.


The plus and minus buttons are simple and tactile, but there are no buttons to pause or play music. Holding down the plus and minus buttons at the same time on the Megaboom would give you battery life remaining but you don’t get that with the Megablast. NFC is also lacking on this speaker.

At the bottom of the speaker, there’s a D-ring so you can hook to a carabiner or a hook. The MegaBlast has USB 2.0 charging but the small opening only allows you to use the include UE charging cable so make sure you don’t lose it.

Voice Control

The Megablast has Amazon Alexa built-in so you can give voice commands to skip songs, ask it to play different genre of music and control the volume. But This feature will only work with whatever is connected through WiFi or through your Amazon account. If you wanna use your own local music stored on your phone the voice control won’t work. This is something to consider before buying the Megablast.

The Microphone quality is very good there are 3 far-field microphones built-in so you will be able to stand over 30 feet away and still give your voice commands when audio is not playing. If audio is playing it will be harder for it to detect your voice from long distances.

Another downside is that just like the UE Blast it does not work as a speakerphone so you can’t make or receive calls.

Battery Life

UE claims a battery life of 16 hours but in reality, you get close to 13 hours if you play your music at 50% volume. When you compare that time to newer speakers 13 hours or even 16 hours is far from impressive. The previous Megaboom performed way better at 20 hours.


The Megablast has class-leading Bluetooth signal strength with a wireless range of over 145 feet with a clear line of sight and over 90 feet with 2 walls in between before the audio starts to go in and out.

The UE App

The app is very limited, there is no equalizer or sound profiles available at the moment but it does have the battery indicator. The app is where you set up the WiFi, change the auto shut off timer and input your Amazon Account information.

Sound Quality

The UE Megablast sounds a lot better than the smaller UE Blast speaker, it’s a much improved upgrade. The Megablast with its 360-degree audio will fill up large rooms making it perfect for entertaining and making sure everyone gets a good musical experience.

It’s not bass heavy like the  JBL Extreme  or the Sony XB40 but its punchy with very clear and accurate mids and very detailed highs at medium and max volume.

If you’re looking for a bass heavy speaker the Megablast is not it.


The UE Megablast is a great speaker if you’re looking for a durable and rugged speaker. It offers 360 degrees audio of amazing audio experience with Amazon Alexa features. It doesn’t have the bass when compared to the other mainstream competitors out there and voice commands don’t work on local files but the Megablast will work for everything on WiFi.. Read Now. UE MEGABOOM 3 Review

The UE Megablast gets a total rating out of 10 based on Sound Quality, Battery Life, Build and Design…

My Overall RATING: 8.1 OUT OF 10

Have your say below if you’ve purchased a UE Megablast Speaker, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about this or any other Bluetooth Speaker please comment below.

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