Jaybird Run Review 2019

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Jaybird has been one of the leaders in Bluetooth audio for a long time and since Logitech bought them last year for 50 million dollars we’ve been expecting big things from the company.


The Jaybird Run is Jaybirds first truly wireless pair of earbuds. The Run is trying to take on the likes of the Apple Airpod, the Bragi Dash, and the Jabra Elite Sport.


Fit and Feel

There seems to be a standard design that all truly wireless earbuds share except for the Apple Earbuds which most people can’t get to stay in their ear.

The nice oval design of the Jaybird Runs will fit nicely in your ear and the ear hooks will keep them secure while your exercise so you won’t have to worry about them falling out.

The way the Run stays in your ear is the same as most truly wireless earbuds which is to say they wedge themselves in your ear like they are afraid to fall out. Just slip them in and give them a twist so they lock in place and you will be ready to go.

They might start to get a bit uncomfortable after about an hour and a half of use so you might need to take them out for a minute or 2 just let them breathe.



The earbuds are mostly made from plastic which is what you would expect for a workout headphone. The silver ring on the outside is made from stainless steel and it’s not only for looks but its actually the antenna.  In order to get better Bluetooth signal, they cleverly wrapped the antenna around the exterior of the earbud to get rid of bad signal.

The logo on each bud are the only two buttons on the headset and you get a fair amount of control over audio playback. They have a double hydrophobic coating to prevent sweat from damaging them but there’s no IPX rating.


Charging & Pairing

The charging case looks like a small Bluetooth speaker and it’s very easy to carry around. It has 3 tiny LED lights on the front to let you know the battery life of the left and right earbuds. It also has a few clever tricks which make connecting to them a seamless process.

The first thing these headphones do when you open up the case is go into pairing mode. After you have initially connected to your phone they will automatically connect to your device every time you open up the case.

To pair them with a new device all you need to do is to hold down the button on the right earbud for 6 seconds.


Connection Issue

Even with the clever external antenna the Jaybird Run still has a tendency to drop and skip audio whether the phone is in your pocket, just a few feet away or you’re in your home with a wall or two in between you’re bound to experience this setback.


Control & Playback

When it comes to playback control the Jaybird Run is pretty limited but you do get the basics done. You can use the app to switch between the default control which makes the left earbud access Seri and the right one play/pause music and answer phone call. You can also use the left bud to volume down, the right one to volume up and answer phone calls.

No matter which setting you chose you can still double tap the button on the earbud to skip to your next song. Some people found the buttons to be a bit stiff and not easy to click and this can lead to you pushing the earbuds further in your ears.


Battery Life

Jaybird Claims a battery life of 4 hours of constant playback and you will get very close to that figure at max volume. The charging case also gives you an extra 2 charges should you need them. Just 5 minutes of charge will give you a solid 1 hour of playtime.


Sound Quality

Sound quality in Bluetooth earbuds have never been mind blowing and with the Jaybird Run it’s pretty much the same but with added perk of being able to EQ the sound in the Jaybird app.

At first listen you’ll notice that there isn’t the same amount of detail that you will get in wired earbuds but the presets do a really good job of letting you forget that fact.

The low end is very strong even on the flat profile and the bass hits hard but with a strong depth even when you use the Bring The Bass preset. The mids are pretty good and with the EQ setting you can get the sound to how you want it. The highs are limited to a certain point so they don’t become piercing. If you’re the kinda person that likes a more flatter sound you will find these really easy to enjoy.




The Jaybird Run is a great pair of earbuds from a company that always delivers class-leading Bluetooth audio devices. It has great build quality and the small carry case fits in your pocket quite comfortably. The awesome quick charge feature will come in hand to charge up the earbuds on your way to the gym just enough to work out. Don’t expect audiophile quality with these but they are more than  good enough to let you enjoy your music during work. The Biggest issue with the Jaybird Run is the dropped connections, it doesn’t happen constantly but it will happen often enough to get very annoying. Despite that annoying setback the the Jaybird Run is a pretty good truly wireless earbuds and is a good options for those looking for quality earbuds.

 The Jaybird Run truly wireless earbuds gets a total rating out of 10 based on Sound Quality, Battery Life, Build and comfort…


My Overall RATING: 8.2 OUT OF 10


Have your say below if you have purchased a pair of the Jaybird Run, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about this or any other Bluetooth Headphones please comment below.



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