Sbode Sport Bluetooth Headphone Review

Sbode Sport Bluetooth Headphone Review

Sbode is a young company that’s looking to make their mark in the audio space. They are known for making affordable and reliable outdoor electronics.

This is the Sbode Sport Bluetooth Headphone and these headphones are geared toward works out and exercising.





After using the Skode S Bluetooth headphones for over a month this my full review.


What's In the Box George Pang/
What’s In the Box
George Pang/

In the box, you get a carry case, 3 ear pairs of tips, a charging cable, wire tie and the Sbode Headphones.



Design & Feel

George Pang/ YourTechSpace
George Pang/ YourTechSpace

The earphones are made from plastic which is what you would expect from a workout headphone especially in this price range. The all plastic construction will inspire a lot of confidence in the durability of the headphones. On the right side of the right earphone is where you’ll find 3 buttons that will give you a fair amount of control over audio playback.

There’s seems to be a standard design that most Bluetooth earphones with the ear hook design share. The silicones ear hooks fit nicely on the ears and will keep them secure and stable while your exercising so you won’t have to worry about them falling out. They will sit quite comfortably inside the ears once you choose the right size ear tips. It has an IPX7 rating so its sweat and water resistant so you doing have to worry about getting them wet. I was able to use it in the shower with no issue.


Battery & Connectivity

Skode claims a battery life of 8 hours but in reality, I got closer to 9 hours when I played my music at 50% volume. When you compare that time to other Bluetooth headphones in this kind of price range, 7-8 hours is what you would expect.



The Sbode Bluetooth headphones will pair quick and easy with your mobile device and it delivers pretty good Bluetooth signal strength with a wireless range of over 33 feet with a clear line of sight and over 18 feet with 2 walls in between before the audio starts to go in and out.


Sound Quality

George Pang/ YourTechSpace
George Pang/ YourTechSpace

Sound quality in cheap Bluetooth earphones have never been mind blowing and with this Sbode Sport headphone, it’s pretty much the same. One of the first things you will notice is how loud these headphones can get. You will be strongly impressed by its volume levels and the sound isolation. It has CVC 6.0 Noise Suppression technology, so even in busy or noisy environments, you won’t have any problem hearing your music with little to no outside interference.

The best thing about the sound quality is the bass, it hits deep and strong but the vocals can be a bit tame because of the lack of highs. The low end is where this headphone shines so if you’re into low-end audio you will love these headphones.


Call Quality

George Pang/ YourTechSpace

George Pang/ YourTechSpace

The microphone is not the best for phone calls, it only works indoors in quiet environments. If you’re going to make calls outdoors don’t bother. Whether your in quiet or noisy surrounding outdoors the microphones is very poor so people on the other line won’t be able to hear you. This was a big issue for me because I’m always talking on my phone. Even in this low price range, you expect better microphone quality.

Call quality isn’t the only reason to use the microphone, the Sbode sport Bluetooth headphones feature Siri voice assistant which work well. By simply pressing and hold the Power/ Multifunction button for about to second you’ll be able to give commands and ask questions to Siri with any issue. If you’re using an Android smartphone you be able to activate the Google assistant in a similar way as well but the voice assistant feature works best with iPhones.

One of the most annoying things is this headphone is that every time you try to turn it off it actives the voice assistant feature. For some people, this won’t be an issue but for me it was.




I highly the recommend the Sbode Sport Bluetooth headphones, they are lightweight and very comfortable to wear, they are fully water and sweat proof and it’s at an extremely reasonable price point. The poor microphone was a bit of a hindrance for me but other people maybe be willing to look past this issue. The audio signature is very good, it’s little more on the flatter profile which is not a bad thing it just depends on your preference. If you’re looking for a cheap reliable pair of headphones for workout or exercise this Sbode Sport Bluetooth headphone is a great option.

My Overall RATING:  7.7 OUT OF 10

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