Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ 2019

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ 2019


The Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ are hands down some of the best smartphones on the market, but they aren’t perfect. You’re going to need a few essential accessories to go along with it. These accessories will not only protect your gorgeous smartphones but will also help you to get you absolute most out of these amazing Galaxy devices.

Screen Protector

Priced From  $49USD

Even though these new Galaxy smartphones sport a thicker Gorilla 5 screen when compared to the previous models. A screen protector is still the best screen protection for any new phone and the amazing curved display the S9 and S9+ are no different. WhiteStone Dome glass screen protectors are some of the best and most durable screen protectors on the market. It has an installation tray which helps to guide you through the installation process and once applied your phone will look and feel amazing while staying protected.

Purchase S9 HERE

Purchase S9+ HERE



We all know that Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are very beautiful devices but they are very slippery phones devices so you’ might want to consider getting a case for added protection. There are plenty of options to choose from.


Tozo Clear Case

Priced From  $9USD

Purchase S9 HERE 

Purchase S9+ HERE


 Spigen Case

Priced From   $14USD 

Purchase S9 HERE 

Purchase S9+ HERE

 Samsung LED View Wallet Cover 

Priced From  $62USD

Purchase S9 HERE 

Purchase S9+ HERE


Micro SD Card

Priced From  $39USD

In a time where we a losing some of our favorite features in the newest smartphones Samsung still includes a micro sd card slot. If you like to take a lot of photos and record a lot of videos you’re going need an SD card especially if you have the  64GB variant.

Purchase 128 GB SAMSUNG HERE

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RAVPower Fast Charger 2-in-1 USB C to USB A

Priced From  $11USD

It’s always a good idea to upgrade your Smartphone cable to a much more durable and reliable cable. This awesome RAVPower USB-C/A cable has both a USB and USB Type -C connections so you will have no problems connecting to a device.

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Samsung Wireless Charging Stand

Priced From  $50USD

If you’re into wireless charging you’re going to need a wireless charging stand. This Samsung convertible stand can either be propped up or laid down flat, so you can charge your smartphone wirelessly however you want. It also has quick feature to charge your phone fast and safely.

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Samsung DeX Pad


Priced From  $99USD

The Samsung DeX Pad gives you the ability to transform your Galaxy smartphone into a desktop computer. Because the old DeX Pad hasn’t been confirmed to work with Samsungs latest models, it’s best to get the new DeX Pad. The new DeX Pad features an all-new design which allows you to insert your phone flat onto the flat pad instead of into a dock. It will also charge your phone while your phone once you’re connected. One of the best features of this new DeX Pad is that it allows you to use your phone as a trackpad similar to the trackpad on a notebook so you don’t need to add a mouse.

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Truly Wireless Earbud

Priced From  $186USD

With truly wireless earbuds getting better and better, now is a great time to get one of these awesome pair of earbuds. The new upgraded Samsung IconX 2018 edition is one of the best around. These lightweight earbuds are very comfy and stable in the ear and have passive noise isolation to block out outside environmental noises. The new Icons X is water and sweat resistant so you don’t have to worry about your earbuds getting wet. The earbuds have sensitive and intuitive touch controls which means you swipe and tap to control your audio. They also have ambient sound so you’ll be able to hear your environment surrounding by pressing and holding the touchpad.

It comes with 4GB of internal storage so you’re able to store up to 1000 songs directly to the earphones. You get 7 hours of battery life in mp3 mode and 5 hours in Bluetooth mode which is pretty decent. Sound quality is very good the IconX offers neutral and balance bass which isn’t as powerful as the Jaybird runs or Bose Sound Sport Free, mids are very clean without being overpowering.  The Samsung IconX truly wireless earbuds aren’t the best sound on the market but its touch and swipe technology and built-in 4GB storage make it a great option.

Purchase HERE

Have your say below if you have purchased any of the awesome accessories, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other accessories please comment below.






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