Best External Storage For Your iPhone & iPad for 2018

Best External Storage For Your iPhone & iPad for 2018

We all know that the iPhones and iPads don’t let you expand your storage like most popular Android devices and this can be very frustrating especially for those iPhone owners who like to take a lot of photos, record a lot of videos or download a lot of music because all of these take up a lot of space. An external storage device is your best option, these tiny devices are lifesavers they give you additional storage to save or transfer all the data on your iPhone or iPad quick and safe. I’ve rounded up 9 of the best external storage devices of the market today and they are compatible with all iPad, iPod, and iPhone with a Lightning connector.



The Leef iBridge 3

Priced From $45USD

The Leef iBridge is a small Flash Drive that lets you expand the storage of your iPhone, iPod or iPad via the lightning port and automatically backs up all your device’s photos, music, and videos, which you can then safely remove. It’s available from 16GB of storage all the way up to 128GB of storage. It can also backup your documents, contacts and other important contents.

Purchase HERE

SanDisk iXpand Drive 32GB

Priced From  $26USD

The SanDisk iXpand Drive 32GB is a very flexible flash drive that’s able to connect to your iPhone through the phone case and transfers files quick and easy. It will automatically backup all your latest photos and video every time you plug it into your phone.  You’re able to manage various file formats very easily with SanDisk Driver app. It also has password protection software to make sure your data is always protected.

Purchase HERE

Hootoo iPhone Flash Drive 32GB With USB 3.0 Adapter

Priced From  $28USD

This flash drive will instantly expand the storage on your iPhone or iPad to make sure you always have space for more videos, photos, apps, and games. It’s able to transfer individual large files that are larger than 4GB quick and easy. The iPlugmate app allows you to play your favourite music, movies, and videos right from the flash drive.

Purchase HERE


ONTOTL 3-in-1 Lightning OTG Jump Drive

Priced From $30USD

This ONTOTL flash drive offers 128GB of storage and it supports Lightning, Micro SD, and USB. The free G-Ting app allows you to take photos and record videos directly on the flash drive and you can also stream all those media files stored on the flash drive. ONTOTL provides an 18 months worry-free warranty and access to G-Ting’s dedicated email customer support.

Purchase HERE


S&T Apple MFI Certified Devia USB Flash Memory

Priced From $40USD

This stylish Flash drive is Apple MFI Certified and stores all your music, videos and photos very easily. Like so many on this list your able to take photos directly on the flash drive but you can’t film videos directly on it. This Devia flash drive doesn’t have all the features as most on this list but it’s still a very reliable storage device for your Apple device.

Purchase HERE

Meem Cable

Priced From  $70USD

At first glance, this Meem Cable looks like your average charging cable with green and black aesthetics, but this cable not only charges your phone but also automatically backs up all of your files every time you plug it in. Within 3 seconds of plugging your smartphone to the Meem cable, it will start charging and the application will open automatically and go thru all the file that have changed since the last time you plugged it in and download them unto the 32GB hard drive that’s built into the cable. This is a great way to back up your files on a regular basis and it’s also a simple way to transfer files from one phone to the next.

Purchase HERE 


HooToo iPhone Flash drive 128GB USB 3.0 to MFi Lightning Connector

Priced From  $55USD

This awesome and stylish flash drive has a lightning connector that’s Apple MFi certified so it’s 100% compatible with iPhones and iPads. It has a premium aluminum build that makes is strong and sturdy. The free iPlugmate app supports all the most popular video formats and audio playback so you won’t have the need to convert to iTunes. This HooToo flash drive is one of the best external memories on the market is transfer all your data very quick and easy. You get an 18-month worry-free warranty backed up by there dedicated email customer support.

Purchase HERE


YikaiEn 3 in 1 SDHC SDXC Micro Card Reader

Priced From  $9USD

This YikaiEn device is an awesome multifunction card reader. Unlike most of the other storage devices on this list, this device supports microSD SDHC (SLR camera/ Trail camera/ Go pro camera) memory cards of up to 128GB. You’re able to view all the pictures and videos from a Trail camera and SLR camera through your iPhone.  It has a free app that lets you play your favourite music or video directly from the memory card and also manage all your files.

Purchase HERE



RAV Power – iPhone iPad 64gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive


Priced From  $28USD

The RAVPower 3.0 flash drive has Authorized exFAT so its excellent for very quick file transfers. The connector is very flexible and able to bend and straighten your convenience. This impressive device two-in-one flash drive can act as a charging cable while your transferring data.

Purchase HERE

Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome External Memories for your iPhone or iPad, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other External Storage devices please comment below.



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