10 Best Power banks under  $20 for 2019

10 Best Power banks under $20 for 2019

Finding a strong and reliable Power Banks on a tiny budget can be frustrating. These awesome devices allow you to charge your phone or tablet on the go no matter where you are. So I’ve rounded 10 of the best cheap Portable Chargers on the market which will provide power for your phone or tablet no matter where your adventures may take you.

Yoobao L25 2500 mAh Lipstick Size Portable Charger

Priced From  $11US/  £12 

This nifty little portable charger has an aluminum lipstick design that will fit pretty comfortably in your make-up bag, wallet or pocket. It has 2500mAh of power and a single USB port that will safely charge an iPhone or Android phone once over. There’s also a LED flashlight with 3 different light modes that includes an SOS flash mode to signal for help. Yoobao provides 24 months user-friendly warranty.

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EasyAcc Power Bank

Priced From $15US/ £10/  $24CDN

The EasyAcc 6400mAh Power Bank will give you at least 1 charge for an Android smartphone and 2 for the iPhone. It has 2.4A so you will get fast charging speeds for your device. The Easy Acc is a small and compact lightweight portable charger that easily fits in your pocket. There’s also a power button with 5 blue LED lights to show your remaining power. You also get an 18 months warranty.

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F-Dorla 15000mAh Solar Charger

Priced From  $18US/  £15/  $94CDN
The F-Dorla 15000mAh Solar Charger is the perfect power banks for your outdoor adventures. This rugged and powerful battery is waterproof and will charge up your iOS or Android phone 5-7 times. It comes equipped with a compact solar panel that will recharge the battery itself under sunlight and theres also a LED flashlight to help you navigate in the dark.
Your able to charge 2 devices at the same time from the dual USB charging ports very fast.  Charging is your smartphones, tablets, or any other 5V USB-charged devices is safe thanks to the built-in intelligent surge protection against over-charging, surges and overheating.

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Bonai Power Bank Stripe 10,000mAh Portable Charger

Priced From  $9US/  $57CDN

This very affordable power bank has 10,000mAh of power with dual USB 2 Amp outputs capable of charging 2 devices at the same time. It has 4 LED indicators at the top that show the remaining battery life and a LED flashlight at the side for emergencies. Its compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, ZTE, Pixel, and more many devices.  Your able to charge your devices safely because its protected from over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit and will automatic shutdown if a short circuit or overload output occurs while charging. The Bonai Power Bank the perfect power bank for the first time buyer on a tiny budget.

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Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger

Priced From $14US

The Zilu Smart power bank is a very compact device that will fit pretty comfortably in your pockets. It has 4,400mAh of power and a single USB port that’s capable of charging an iPhone 4S to 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6, Galaxy Note, once over. There’s also a power button and your standard array of LED lights to let you keep track of your power. You can even charge it while you charge your smartphone at the same time if you wanted to. Zilu promises a 1000 charging cycle and a 2-year warranty.

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Puridea S2 Blue External Battery Pack

Priced From   $10US/  £11/  $33CDN

This colorful and fashionable power bank is available in various colors. It has a 10000mAh capacity that can charge iPhone 7 3.5 times or iPad mini 4 1.8 times. You can charge 2 devices simultaneously safe and secure with high-speed charging technology. The Puridea S2 is perfect for those looking for a fashionable power bank that’s powerful and cheap.

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Yoobao M4PRO 10000mAh

Priced From  $18US/  £17/  $61CDN

This cute small power bank has a 10,000mAh capacity that is capable of charging an iPhone X 2.5 times,  iPhone 7 plus 2.4 times or Galaxy 2 times. What makes this power bank stand out from most of the other power bank on this list is the smart LED digital display which shows your battery percentage. It has 2 USB and 1 lightning ports that will charge 2 phones at the same time very fast and safe. The YooBao M4Pro is an excellent travel companion for those on a budget.

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Oenbopo 2in1 Qi Power Bank with Wireless Charger

Priced From  $17US
The Oenbopo  2 in 1 Powerbank is the only portable charger on this list that supports both wired and wireless charging. This power bank has 6000mAh of power that will charge all QI-enabled phones wirelessly by simply place your phone on top of the device. It has single USB 5V/2.1A charging port with quick charging capabilities for wired charging. The Oenbopo 2 in 1 Power Bank is the great option for those looking for a cheap portable wireless charger.

InPoTo Power Bank 20000mAH

Priced From   $19US

This powerful 20,000mAh portable charger will charge your devices up to 75% faster than your average charger. It has dual USB ports thats capable of charging 2 devices at the same time with a total current output of 4.5A.  Its compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android phones and tablets, digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers and much more digital devices. InPoTo provides a 1-year warranty and Friendly Customer Service.

Priced From  $24US/  £24  

The Charge Power Magnum Opus is one of the best power banks you can buy. The Magnum Opus is one of the top 10 power banks in the UK according to PC Advisor beating other top brands like Anker.  It has 10,000 mAh of power with dual USB ports with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which will charge your device 4x faster than standard chargers. With quick charge 3.0, you’re able to charge compatible devices to 80% in just 35 minutes. On the front, there’s a  LED display which shows the remaining battery percentage and there’s also a flashlight in case of an emergency. The Magnum Opus is universally compatible with most devices and has enough power to charge an iPhone 6 times, the Galaxy 3 times and the average laptop at least once. Charge Power provides a hassle-free full year warranty and access to there fantastic customer service.

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome budget power banks, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other power banks please comment below.


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