Amazon  Fire TV Cube Review 2019

Amazon Fire TV Cube Review 2019

This is the Amazon Fire TV Cube, the first Alexa device that’s designed specifically for your living room. By simply plugging it into your TV you’ll be able to control your TV via voice commons and stream TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and much more. It can also control your entire entertainment system with no hassle.

But you should keep in mind that no matter the device you choose to use with the box, you will still need to use the devices remote to control playback. This impressive little box uses the same voice remote as the other Fire TV devices on the market. There are inferred emitters as well as an IR blaster to help you control your devices.

So if you say ” Alexa switch to Blue-ray”.  It will turn on the TV, then switch the AV receiver to the correct input, your  Blu-ray will then come to life and you will be ready to watch. It won’t press play on the Blu-ray player but Amazon will slowly improve these features over time.





Once you tell it what gear you own during the setup process, it will then shoot out signals to your gear and switches the inputs on your AV receiver, if you don’t use a receiver the Cube can switch inputs on your TV and can also control a soundbar. You can adjust the volume using the receiver and although the Cube has its own speaker, most of the sound including Alexa’s sound, music, and audio from your favorite TV shows and movies comes through the system’s speaker.

Where the Cube really shines is the way its able to control your live TV experience, so whether you have a cable box or satellite receiver the Cube will help make watch live TV a lot easier. Unfortunately, you don’t get DVR control but you can change channels by naming them.


The Cube is very responsive to the Alexa wake word even when you have your music blasting. Once it hears the word it mutes automatically to listen for the rest of your command.



As a Fire TV streamer, this little box also allows control over sources like Netflix and Youtube.


Amazon has also refreshed the Fire TV menu system to make it more streamline for voice commands by adding numbers next to selections and much more. Although the Fire TV Cube works well most of the time and it may fail to recognize some commands. Some devices will work better than others and many Apps lack support for search and other functions. The biggest issue is that you need to keep your regular remotes around if you wanna perform more than your basic functions. the include clicker cant even control volume or mute,

Even with those issues, the Fire TV Cube takes living room voice control further than any other device.

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If you have any questions about this or any other Amazon Fire Devices please feel free to comment below I would love to hear from you.


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