Amazon Alexa TV

Amazon Alexa TV

Priced From $ 240US

Element 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – (Amazon Fire TV)

The Element ( Amazon Fire TV) is Amazons first TV. It’s made by Westinghouse and Element but it’s really all about Amazon. These TVs are powered by the same software behind Amazons Fire TV and Fire TV stick but now you don’t have to plug anything in.

The TV comes with a remote that has a microphone for voice control built in with Alexa available at the touch of a button. You’ll have to hold down the mic button and speak your command into the remote in order for Alexa to work.


This is the first 4K Smart TV that has the Amazon System built in.

Amazon Fire Smart TV has the ability to pause live TV when using and antenna and also gives you access to thousands of streaming apps like HULU, Sling TV, YouTube, Netflix, Watch ESPN and much more.

Fire TV receives regular updates and access to new apps before most Smart TV systems.


These Westinghouse Televisions have 4K resolution but they are pretty basic in terms of features. There’s no local dimming or HDR which is available on competing Ruko TVs.

If you’re a big fan of the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick you should feel right at home with this all new Element (Amazon Fire TV).

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