Samsung DeX Tip And Tricks

Samsung DeX Tip And Tricks

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Samsung’s DeX the simple and easy way to convert your phone into your very own desktop computer with the addition of a few key accessories. Once you have DeX set up and running, here are some awesome tips and tricks to get the most of DeX.



Access App Store

When you open the DeX app drawer, a banner of “Apps for DeX” should be present. If not, click on the three-dot menu button and select the option to open the Galaxy app store to view compatible apps.



Setting Up Facial Recognition

If you use the fingerprint sensor to unlock your Samsung Galaxy it will be impossible to use when the phone is docked. However, you can still use the iris scanner or facial recognition.

It’s really important to note, the facial recognition feature isn’t as secure as the iris scanner, and therefore is only available to unlock the phone.

If you want to unlock Samsung Pass, the password keeper for Samsung’s browser, you’ll need to use iris scanning.



Saving Before Docking/ Undocking

Make sure to pay attention to the warning that pops up each time you dock your Galaxy S8 which tells you to save your work because DeX can and will close apps when you dock or undock your phone.



 Keeping Your Phone Cool

When using DeX you will hear a small fan begin running from time to time don’t be alarmed. That fan is cooling the phone, in the same way how a fast charging wireless pads fan works.




My Files

The My Files app is where you view your files. You can view files stored on your phone or the microSD card and you can enable cloud storage services for Dropbox and Google Drive. My Files app is your one-stop shop for local and cloud files.



Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcut list is hidden deep within the S8’s settings menu.

To access it, open Settings > General Management > Language and input > Physical Keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts.



Resizing App Windows

To resize an app’s window, hover the mouse pointer on the edge of the window, click and drag the edge.

Resizing an app window will only work if the app is optimized for DeX, otherwise, the app will run in a single column phone-like layout.

If you try to resize a window and the overlay turns red, that means the app cannot be resized.


I hope the Tips and Trick are helpful for you and help you get the most out of DeX. If you have any questions or have a few tips and tricks of your own please comment below.




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