4 Easy Ways To Free Up Storage Space On Your iPhone

4 Easy Ways To Free Up Storage Space On Your iPhone

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If you ever find yourself short of space on your iPhone and you don’t want to delete your apps or deal with photo storage. I have 4 ways to help you reclaim some space on your iPhone so you won’t need to take any drastic measures.



Deleting Unwanted Text Messages

Remember your phone automatically stores all the messages you send and receive forever. Saving like that is only important if you need to look up a 12-month-old conversation. To put a stop to this and get back some space, head to your Settings app, TAP Messages. Scroll down to Message History and TAP “Keep Messages”, then set to 30 Days. A message will then ask you if you want to delete older messages, TAP “Delete”.



Clearing Browser Cache

Once you use your browser Safari a lot,  your iPhone may have stored your web history and data that you don’t need. To clear your browser history head to your Settings app > Safari, scroll down and TAP “Clear History and Web Data”.

If you’re using a Chrome browser open your Chrome app and TAP on the Triple – Dot button in the top right, then select History and TAP Clear Browser Data.



Delete Your Download music

I know you might not want to delete your precious music files but if you have to. Head to your Settings app > General >Storage and iCloud Usage > Manage Storage, find Apply Music on the list. You can delete all the songs or delete the individual song.



 Stop Double Saving Photos

To stop double saving HDR photos head to your Settings app > Photos Camera, scroll down untick the toggle next to Keep Photo. For iPhone 7 Plus you will see a similar toggle for Portrait Mode that you can disable.

Also to stop double save your Instagram photos to your Instagram app. TAP on your profile tab then open Settings icon in the upper right corner. In the Settings, UNTOUCH the toggle next to Save Original Photos.



I hope these 4 useful tips will help you to save stay and prevent you from deleting some of your most cherished files. If you have any questions please comment below I would love to hear from you.



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