SHAVA Jewel Night Light Bluetooth Speaker Review 2018

SHAVA Jewel Night Light Bluetooth Speaker Review 2018

SHAVA is a company that makes great affordable accessories for your smartphone. This is the SHAVA Jewel, SHAVA’s affordable LED Bluetooth speaker.

After spending a few weeks with the Jewel, this is my full review.

Build & Design

You won’t be disappointed when you first set your eyes on the SHAVA Jewel Night Light Bluetooth speaker. Its made from an acrylic material that’s similar to the JBL Pulse 3 LED speaker but the Jewel has diamonds shaped into its acrylic material. This makes the speaker really stand out while giving it a very premium look and feel. It has a very simple elegance which makes it a very beautiful piece of accessory that is sure fit in just about anywhere in your home. The tradeoff is that the acrylic material is glass-like so it will crack if dropped on any hard surface.

The best part of the Jewel speaker is the LED lighting. It’s not JBL Pulse 3 quality but it delivers great LED lighting with bright and colorful light patterns that bring life to any dark environment. Controlling the lighting is extremely simple and easy thanks to the touch sensor design at the top of the speaker. You just simply tap and hold the speaker grill to turn the lights on or off and just tap the grill to change lighting theme. It offers 6 lighting themes but only one lighting theme will actually pulse to the beat of the music. This was a bit of a disappointment for me because I think LED speakers that offer a few lighting theme options that will pulse to audio, will deliver a more interactive visual experience when listing to music.

The Jewel is also capable of working independently without the need for audio as just a colorful night light if your only interested in the light show. There’s also an Auto-Off Timer button that will allow you to auto shutdown the Jewel after 20 minutes. This is a very useful feature that most of the other LED Bluetooth speakers on the market don’t offer. 


Pairing to a smart device is very easy and once you are connected, the speaker will automatically connect to your device everytime you turn the speaker on. The connection strength will be pretty strong if you stay within the range of about 17 feet. At the back, there’s also a TF slot at the back so you will be able to play your music directly from an SD card without having the need to stream from a smartphone.


SHAVA claims a battery life of 8 hours of constant playback with the LED lights on but in reality, I have been getting 4½ hours of constant playtime with the volume set to a 100% and with the LED lights on. This wasn’t a disappointment for me because this is what you should expect to get from a LED speaker with this kind of design in this sort of price range. It charges via Micro USD instead of USB Type-C, which maybe be a turn off for some.

Sound Quality

At the top is where you will find a 2-inch speaker that will provide at the audio. Being just a single 2-inch speaker, it was no surprise that it’s not particularly loud even at max volume so it won’t be very effective outdoors especially in a crowded environment. Vocals in the mids have a good clarity and stand out from the background. Despite its small size the speaker also offers up some bass. The bass line has a nice rhythm to it at 70% volume but it will slightly over the vocals at max volume.



For the price, the SHAVA Jewel offers premium quality at a very affordable price. Its simple elegance gives it the ability to fit in just about anywhere in your home and you have the option to use it as just a colorful night light or a Bluetooth speaker making it an excellent entertainment device. The sound is a bit weak when compared to similarly priced speakers but it’s still loud enough to let you enjoy your favorite audio whether by Bluetooth connectivity or the TF slot.

In the sub $50 price range, the Jewel speakers will hold its own against most of the LED Bluetooth speakers that are on offer. SHAVA products won’t go toe to toe with some of the bigger more premium speakers, but they provide us with quality products at affordable prices. The SHAVA Jewel Night Light Bluetooth speaker will definitely be a conversation starter amongst friend and family whether your indoors or outdoors. If you’re looking for more conventional LED Bluetooth speakers, Read Next: Best LED Bluetooth Speakers

In the near future, SHAVA will be updating this current model speaker with the ability to pair two Jowel speakers together and play them at the same time via Bluetooth connectivity. This will increase the sound range and offer a more surround sound experience.



Priced from $29USD

Purchase HERE 

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