JBL XTREME 2 Review 2019

JBL XTREME 2 Review 2019

The JBL XTREME 2 is a bit bigger in size and also heavier in weight when compared to its biggest rival the Sony XB41 speaker. It’s also easier to travel with thanks to the supplied carrying strap which significantly helps to offset the weight by making it much easier to carry around.




Design and Feel


Aesthetically not only is the XTREME 2 bigger than the older version but there are also some subtle changes and refreshes that help to set them apart.

It has the same durable fabric grill as most mainstream outdoor speakers so it’s extremely rugged and it still retains its IPX7 certification which means its waterproof and dustproof.

At the sides, you still have those famous passive radiators that vibrate during music playback. These radiators do not push out audio. As a matter of fact, the XTREME 2 only produces front directional audio like the Sony XB41.

Similar to the Sony speakers, JBL speakers have a JBL Connect Plus feature which allows you to pair 2 JBL speakers together to achieve a more stereo sound experience or you can pair over 100 JBL speakers together and have them all play at the same time.

At the back, you’ll see a water-resistant flap that houses a 3.5mm port for physical connection, a single USB CHARGE out port and the ac charging port.


Battery Life


When it comes to battery life, JBL claims just 15 hours of playtime which is somewhat on the low end. But over years JBL Bluetooth speakers have been known to be very conservative about their claimed battery life. In real-world testing, the XTREME 2 will deliver up to 25 hours of playtime before the speaker dies. The older XTREME 1 when released 3 years ago only delivered 18 hours. Recharging will take you 2 hours to fully charge from dead to full.


The XTREME 2 is running Bluetooth 4.2 technology and the connection works perfectly fine. You will be able to get up to 80 feet in wireless range before the signal starts to cut out.

The speakerphone option when on a call works best at 3 feet, any further and the person on the other line will start to hear echoes.


Sound quality

Even though other brands continue to tweak their audio signature over the years, the JBL XTREME 2 still sounds better than the competition with just minor improvement. So, if you already have the JBL XTREME 1 you don’t need to upgrade to the newer model because they sound practical the same, the difference in sound is very minimal. But when compared to the competition the JBL sounds much more refined.

The bass is punchy and strong and doesn’t distort or muddle. If you like bass, the XTREME 2 won’t deliver deep sub bass like some of the bass-rich speakers from Sony, Sonos or Harmon Kardon.

The vocals are bright and forward, very clear and distinct without being harsh or overdone, it’s not overpowered by bass like some of the competitions. The highs have the right amount of clarity with little to no roll off in quality. The XTREME 2 has the best balance between bass and vocals.



This speaker doesn’t have cool features or gimmicks like most of its competition. There are no LEDs, Extra Bass Button or even any sound profiles. The XTREME 2 is just straight to the point. It’s the best well-rounded speaker on the market for any occasion. But if you want a bass heavy speaker, the Sony XB41 is a great option. Read Now: Best JBL Bluetooth Speakers

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