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The summer is almost over so that means  it’s time to start prepping your arsenal for school with the best gadgets to full fill all your needs for work and entertainment. If you’re a student heading back to school you’ve come to the right place, we’ve rounded up the best and most essential gadgets that you will need for back for back-to -school.


Tile Pro

Priced From  $34US/  £50/  $79CDN

The new Tile Pro is the newest version of the popular Tile-Mate and is available in 2 types Pro Style and Pro Sport they are basically the same they just look different. The Tile Pro is a small white Bluetooth tracker that helps you to find lost items by simply attaching, sticking or placing it on your everyday items like your wallet, keys, your bag, in your car and so much more. To keep track of your lost item just simply open up the iOS or Android app on your Smartphone or Tablet and tap the name of the item and it will ring loudly.

The big differences between this new version compared to the older version is that the Tile Pro is much louder because the decibel levels have been increased, the range is now up to 200-feet. The Tile Pro is also more durable and the water resistance has been increased to ip68. If you can’t find your Phone you can use Tile Pro to locate it by just Double Tapping on it and it will make your lost Phone ring even if it is on silent.

Purchase HERE


Priced From $65US/  $181CDN

For less than $70 the Artix Power Backpack is a great deal when compared to more expensive power backpacks. You’re getting a very durable, water resistant backpack that will carry all your devices and books safe and secure and will charge your devices both on the inside and outside of the bag. You can’t go wrong with the Artix Power Backpack. See My Full Artix Review HERE

See more of these wonderful Smart Backpacks HERE

Purchase HERE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Priced From $498US/  £549/  $950CDN

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one of the best tablets you can buy right now. It has a 9.7 inch, 2048×1536 HDR enabled super Amoled display with a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front facing camera both have pretty good image quality. The Tab S3 has 4GB of RAM with 32GB of internal storage. There are also quad speakers for stereo audio with good sound quality along with a quick charging battery. The Tab S3 also has an S-Pen that’s perfect for taking notes and driving.

The Tab S3 has a really beautiful design that’s based on Samsung Galaxy smartphones with glass on the front and back complete with an all metal frame around the edges giving it a really premium look and feel. If you’re looking for one of the best tablets on the market the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a great option.

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PAV Power Bank 20,100mAh

Priced From $50US/  £35/  $52CDN

RAV Power Bank offers 3 output ports for charging devices like a Nintendo Switch. There are 2 USB ports but only one supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology.There’s also a USB Type-C port that will power your laptop, tablet or phone. It has LED lights on the top along with a power button to show the remaining power. You can get at least 5 full charges for the average smartphone. If your devices support Type-C or QC 3.0 and you’re looking for a fast charger then this is a must have, it’s not the most portable device when you compare it to most of the other portable chargers on this list, but it’s very impressive. The Type-c is incompatible with the Type-c cable or charger of the Huawei P10, Huawei Mate 9, OPPO and One Plus phones.

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Maxoak Power Bank 50,000mAh

Priced From $136US/  £116/   $205 CDN

This 50,000mAh charger is massive but it’s a very versatile option for your smartphone, laptop, and digital camera. It’s a robust device that’s capable of charging an iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7  10 times. Also included is a smorgasbord of different connectors which allows you to connect to a wide variety of laptops and notebooks, so you could say the Maxoak Power Bank is a portable universal charger for laptops and notebooks. Make sure you check and see if these connectors are compatible with your devices before you buy. It has pass -through charging so you’re able to charge a host of devices while adding power to the charger itself. The Maxoak Power Bank has 6 output ports to charge multiple devices at the same time. So if you’re looking for one of the biggest and baddest portable chargers of any price range look no further than the Maxoak Power Bank.

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Anker Micro USB Cable With Gold Plated Connection

Priced From $6US/  £5/  $11CDN

These cables are a must have. The are durable 6 feet nylon braided cables with gold connectors that you only see on more expensive cables. It will charge your devices  7% more faster  than your the standard  cable and will transfer data 480Mbps via USB 2.0. The Anker Micro USB Cable will last for years and will withstand any bends or twists  you can throw at it. You also get a 18 month worry free warranty backed up by Ankers friendly customer support  service.

Purchase HERE


Seagate Back Slim 1TB

Priced From  $58US/  £54/  $79CDN

An external hard drive is a must have to backup all your important data, documents,  photos, movies, videos and more. The Seagate Backup Slim with its compact body is a great option that has 1TB of storage. It uses USB 3.0 for really fast data transfer speeds and you can use it with both a PC and Mac computer without having to reformat it.

Purchase HERE


One Plus 5

Priced From $550US/  £488/  $750CDN

The new One Plus 5 is the best version yet and gives flagship phones like the S8 a run for its money in terms of performance. There are 2 versions, one with 6GB of RAM with 64GB of storage and 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage, sadly theres no microSD card slot, so keep that in mind when selecting a model. Both models perform very similarly in the performance department and its hard to tell the difference in performance. The One Plus 5 runs the latest Snap Dragon 835 processor which makes it one of the fastest on the market aided by its near stock Android version 7.1 operating system. It has a 3300mAh battery which gives you pretty good battery life.

Dash charging can be used to charge your phone up to 60% in only 30minutes which is very impressive. The display is a 5.5inch Amoled display with 1080p resolution which is pretty good but not impressive like its more expensive rivals. It has a home button at the from that doubles as a fingerprint scanner that’s one of the quickest on the market. At the back you have dual cameras one is your main shooter with 16 megapixels with F1.7 aperture and the secondary shooter has 20 megapixel  with a F2.6 aperture sensor which provide excellent images, but theres no optical image stabilization. At the front you have a 16 megapixel front facing shooter which is pretty good and work really well for apps like Snapchat and Instagram. The new One Plus is still a great rival for flagship phones and is more affordable.

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Purchase 64GB Version Unlocked HERE

Purchase 128GB Version Unlocked HERE


Ghostek soDrop 2 

Priced From $70US/  £40/  $195CDN

The Ghostek soDrop 2 wireless Bluetooth headphones is a really awesome pair of headphones for less than $100. They are built from mostly plastic with aluminum accents which gives it an understated look. These earcups are very nice and plush and feels comfortable on the ears. The headband is also padded and feels nice on the head. It’s also adjustable to give you the perfect fit comfort. You can use these headphones wired or wireless with Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX support that gives you a nice and clean sound with high quality. Sound quality is excellent some of the best sound quality you will find on a sub $100 phone, it has balanced mids and highs while giving you enough bass without overpowering the sound and you can always use the EQ for a higher bass. Noise cancellation is pretty good, not as good as more powerful and expensive headphones but good enough for the price.

Purchase HERE

Mortek Wireless Bluetooth  Beanie

Priced From  $17US/ $73CDN

This soft double knitted wireless beanie comes with a pair of touch gloves to protect your hands in cold weather.  It has 6 hours of playback time with up to 33 feet of wireless range and 60 hours of standby time.

The Mortek  Beanie is very comfortable and will keep your head warm and snug while enjoying your music. Sound quality is pretty good the speakers do a decent job of providing a good audio experience every time you put them on.

The best thing about these headphones is that they are mostly never visible so no one has to know that you’re enjoying your favorite music.

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Purchase HERE

Apple MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop

Priced From  $949US/  £1,050/  $1,487CDN

The MacBook Air is one of the most portable computers on the market. It’s the perfect computer for those students that are constantly on the move. This device is only .68 inches thick and weighs just 2.96 pounds making it lightweight and easy to carry around campus in your hand or just toss it in your bag.

It has a 13.3-inch LED-backlit 1440 x 900 display that is one of the best and brightest on the market. The brilliant backlit keyboard will help you with those late night assignments. The MacBook Air is fast and powerful running a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.7 GHz) with 8GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 RAM. You also get 12 hours of battery life which is more than enough to power you through the day and night on a single charge.

Purchase HERE

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Priced From    $974US/  £970/  $1,299CDN

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is Microsoft’s first crack at a traditional laptop. It has a gorgeous PixelSense touchscreen at 3:2 aspect ratio which is great for work and web browsing. This powerful and stylish device sports U-series 7th generation Intel Core “i” processors, which beats the Apple’s 12-inch MacBook up and down. It has a long battery life so it will power you through the day no problem.  The Surface laptop comes with Windows 10-S but it only lets you install apps from the from the official Windows App Store so you’ll want to take advantage of the free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro to remove those restrictions. The small selection of ports and the lack of a USB Type-C port may be a deal breaker for some but the Microsoft Surface Laptop is a very a desirable laptop that checks off most of the features and design elements you need, backed up with solid performance and long battery life.

Purchase HERE


Price $485US

The Asus F555LA  is a solid Laptop with a sleek design, offering great speakers and good screen resolution, which is hard to find in even $600 Laptops. The Asus F555LA offers a lot for the price, it’s great for get work done and doing some light browsing plus so much more. The ASUS F555LA Is the best Budget Laptop you can buy today it offers a whole lot for the money.

See More great Laptops for back to school HERE

Purchase Here

Amazon Echo Dot

Priced From  $50US/  £50 

The Amazon Echo Dot is the much cheaper sibling of the bigger Amazon Echo. It’s a great tool for students to have, you can ask it tons of questions whether you’re working on your homework or your doing a project and so much more. If you need a quick question answered just ask Alexa and she will give you what you need. It’s not a music speaker like the bigger echo but you can connect it to your HiFi speaker and play your favorite tunes.

Purchase HERE

Flash Drive

It’s always good to have a flash drive handy in case you don’t have access to the internet that is a great way to keep your documents for school and also a great way to transfer data. These special flash drives not only plug into your computer but they have the unique feature to plug into your phone as well so you can access the storage from your phone or computer.

Silicon Power C80 32GB $29US/  £18/  $37CDN Purchase HERE

Hootoo iPhone, iPad Flash Drive $46US/  £43/  $59CDN  Purchase HERE

iHome iBN 350

Priced From $99US

The iHome iBN 350 is a wireless charging and streaming stereo clock radio, therefore, you can wirelessly play your music from your favorite mobile device and wirelessly charge up your Android smartphone by laying it down flat on top of the unit. Other features include a dual alarm for separate wake up times, NFC tap to pair functionality, a built in mic with voice echo cancellation, USB charging and a optical auxiliary in jack to play from non-wireless devices. The iHome iBN 350 may not be the best sounding Bluetooth speaker but it’s capable of so much more.

See more awesome Bluetooth Speaker HERE    

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If you have an opinion or question about these great devices for back-to-school please comment below..



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