Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

If you’re searching for a really great pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones on a budget, there’s no shortage of options out there. And with the rise of true wireless earbuds means that premium headset prices have started to have fallen dramatically. Now is a great time to get a pair of top-tier cans for under $100. Our awesome collection of cheap headphones provides great battery life, sound quality, comfort, reliability, and active noise cancelling.



Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BTBK

Best headphones under $100

If battery life is your main priority then look no further than the Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BTBK. With this wireless headphone, you get endless audio playback thanks to an incredible 70-hours battery life which you can spend more time listing and less time worrying about charging. These over-ear headphones are mind-blowing or groundbreaking when it comes to sound quality but its pretty decent for the price. You get clean clear vocals with good pinchy bass. Additionally, even though it’s not an ANC headphone, thanks to the ear pads and headband pressure it will effectively isolate you from your surroundings.

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Jabra Elite 45h

Best headphones under $100

Jabra’s Elite 45h are lightweight on-ear headphones designed to be portable enough for you to accompany you anywhere whether you’re relaxing at home or on daily commutes. 

Overall, you get a very balanced audio experience that’s lacking in clarity or bass. But that can easily be remedied. You can tweak the sound quality to your liking through the Jabra Sound+ app. It allows you to create your own custom EQ or pick from any of Jabra’s existing presets. Having the ability to personalize your audio is what makes the Jabra Elite 45h stands out at the affordable price range.

Moreover, listeners will get an impressive 50 hours of battery and category-leading fast charging which means that when you do find yourself low on battery just 15 minutes of charging will yield a bountiful 10 hours of battery life. Jabra also included a two-year warranty that covers dust and water damage.

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Best Headphones Under $100

These earbuds are of excellent value and offer the best noise cancelling of any true wireless earbuds under $100. It does a really good job in blocking out you’re surroundings by eliminating around 75 – 80% of the noise around in both high and low tones.

They have 12mm drives which deliver a very dynamic sound experience with really punchy bass and crystal-clear detailed highs and well pronounce mids. Battery life is also very impressive. You can get up to 10 hours with ANC off and an additional 30 hours with the charging case. With ANC on 8 hours of battery life and on and 24 hours with the case. And when you’re low on power you will be happy to know that these earbuds only take 2 hours to be fully charged.

Other features that Make the SoundPEATS T2 a worthy investment include IPX5 waterproofing which makes them great for work out actives, transparency mode and smart touch controls.

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Anker Soundcore Life Q30

Over the past few years, Anker has been praised by consumers for producing budget-friendly products that can compete and even beat a lot of the more expensive alternatives on the market. And this Anker Soundcore Life ANC headphone is no exception. It boasts impressive active noise cancelling even for its sub-$100 price tag, even though not up to the level of the Sony WH-1000XM4.
Moreover, thanks to the Life Q30’s plush memory foam padding, you will be able to get a comfortable listening experience for long periods. You get a fairly decent audio experience with bass-heavy audio that’s lacking in clarity. But you can tweak the sound using the Soundcore app to set up the sound to your liking.  Finally, the inclusion of a 40-hour battery means that these headphones have enough juice to last through your daily commute or a transatlantic flight.

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Sennheiser HD 350BT

Best Headphones under $100

The Sennheiser HD 35BT is currently the best affordable wireless headphone under $100. Despite the cheap price, Sennheiser has sprinkled their decades-old legacy of makes some of the best-sounding headphones on the HD 350BT. It delivers the best sound experience on any wireless headphone in the price range and will outclass a lot of the more expensive headphone on the market. With strong mids, balanced highs while pumping out just the right amount of bass without overpowering the sound. Listeners who want to fine-tune the bass and other frequencies to their own personal sound can always do so using Sennheiser’s Smart Control app. Moreover, Sennheiser claims up to 30 hours of audio playtime but users have exceeded that official figure getting over 33 hours of battery life. The earcups are very nice and plush and feel comfortable on the ears even when wearing for long periods of time.

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  1. The sony brand offers many references in the field of audio. In any case the Sony mdr zx220bt is a Bluetooth headset that does not offer outstanding performance. But the sound reproduction is pleasant. The design is minimalist, but elegant and neat.

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