Air Selfie (A Pocket Sized Flying Selfie Camera)

Air Selfie (A Pocket Sized Flying Selfie Camera)

Priced From $340

This is something new and different.

Air Selfie is a pocket sized flying camera that connects with your smartphone to let you take hydefinition photos of you and your friends from the sky.

Its turbofan propellers can thrust up to 20 metres in the air letting capture wide angle photos and videos. Which you can see through the Air Selfie app that’s available for Android and iOS devices.


Its has a 5megapixel on board camera with anti vibration shock absorbers that let you capture high quality images.

Air Selfie generates its own 2.4 GHz wifi network which sends your images to your smartphone in a matter of milliseconds. So you can view aerial shots immediately on your phone. It has a Built-in 4GB Micro SD card and a 260mAh battery with a charging time 40mins.

The ultra thin 61 gram body lets you slip it into a special phone cover and charger. This means you can keep Air Selfie On you at all times.


At over $300 i think Air Selfie is too expensive i would not recommend it for the average average consumer. It’s the kinda gadget for tech geeks that’s willing to spend money on new and fun innovations.

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