16 Best Power Banks 2019

16 Best Power Banks 2019

Quite often when we are on the go we find our phone batteries dying before the end of the day with no way to recharge it. This is extremely frustrating, but theres a simple solution to remedy this issue and that’s a portable charger. Portable chargers otherwise known as power banks have become a very important investment to have for you mobile devices. A Power Bank will allow you to keep your phone juiced up throughout the day so you won’t have to be worry about your battery dying. So I’ve rounded 16 of the best Portable Chargers on the market, so whether you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or bluetooth speaker you will find a Charger that suits your particular lifestyle.

 RAVPower 22,000mAh Charger

Priced From $40US/  £29/  $42CDN

The RAVPower 22,000mAh is a powerful external battery that’s great for taking on long journeys with your smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t support Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge but it still charges your device significantly faster than your conventional phone charger rate of 12W. This portable charger is capable of charging an iPhone 7 plus – 8 times, iPhone 6S – 9 times, Samsung Galaxy S7 – 5 times or a iPad mini – 3 times. It has 3 USB ports which allows you to charge 3 of your devices at the same time and smart charger will charge your devices at their optimum rate. It has LED lights on the top which shows the power the remaining in the power bank. The PAVPower bank weighs 406g so it’s a pretty heavy device but it has an included carrying case to make carrying it around much easier.

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Omni Charge Super 13,600mAh

Priced From $199US/  $270CDN

What sets the Omni Charge portable charger apart from most other chargers out there is the fact is has a built-in AC outlet so you can use it to charge your laptop or most other devices that require a wall charge, but keep in mind that the charger is limited to 65W so you won’t be able to run a large appliance. It meets the FAA guidelines for travel so you won’t have a problem taking it on a plain. You’re able to charge devices like Samsung Galaxy and iPhone – 6 times, DSLR camera – 4 times and will give a Macbook 70% full charge, 50% charge to a Surface Pro. Another unique feature of the Omni Charge is that you can use other barrel connector type charger. If you own a 15-inch MacBook Pro it uses a slightly bigger power requirement so you’re going to need a much larger portable charger. You can even charge the Umni Charge while the charger is charging another device and that’s a feature that most other portable charger don’t have. There are 2 USB ports to charge your smartphone or another device at faster speeds and the Omni Charge adapts to lower power requirements. There’s a built-in LED screen that helps you to know what’s happening with the charger. THE Umni Charge is very safe providing protection for high temperatures, short circuit, overcharge and more.

There’s a bigger 20,400mAh Omni Charge portable charger available if you need more power.

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RAV Power Bank 20,100mAh

Priced From $50US/  £35/  $52CDN

RAV Power Bank offers 3 output ports for charging devices like a Nintendo Switch. There are 2 USB ports but only one supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology.There’s also a USB Type-C port that will power your laptop, tablet or phone. It has LED lights on the top along with a power button to show the remaining power. You can get at least 5 full charges for the average smartphone. If your devices support Type-C or QC 3.0 and you’re looking for a fast charger then this is a must-have, it’s not the most portable device when you compare it to most of the other portable chargers on this list, but it’s very impressive. The Type-c is incompatible with the Type-c cable or charger of the Huawei P10, Huawei Mate 9, OPPO and One Plus phones.

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Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger

Priced From $14US

The Zilu Smart power bank is a very compact device that will fit pretty comfortably in your pockets. It has 4,400mAh of power and a single USB port that’s capable of charging an iPhone 4S to 6Plus, Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6, Galaxy Note, once over. There’s also a power button and your standard array of LED lights to let you keep track of your power. You can even charge it while you charge your smartphone at the same time if you wanted to. Zilu promises a 1000 charging cycle and a 2-year warranty.

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Zendure A2 Ultra-double

Priced From $29US/ £28/ $45CDN

The Zendure A2 power bank is extremely durable, rugged and crash proof, this charger was designed to take a beating and take with you just about anywhere. It has 6000mAh with a single USB port and a microSD port at the top. There’s a power button with 4 LED lights that lets you know your remaining power. One kool feature is that the Zendure A2 will turn on and off automatically whenever you plug your device in. There’s a bigger version available, but if you’re looking for a strong and rugged power bank that you can take anywhere then this is what you need.

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iMuto X6 Pro 30,000mAh Portable Charger

Priced From $59US/  £49

If you spend a lot of time on the go and can’t stay in one place long enough to charge your phone in a wall outlet, a power bank is a must-have. The iMuto X6 Pro 30,000mAh is an affordable Powerful Portable Charger with a 3000mAh battery that’s capable of charging phones like the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 7 and other typical smartphones  12 times and most Tablets, iPads, and MacBooks 2.5 times. The X6 Pro has Qualcomm Certified Quick Charge 3.0 which means that it’s 4 times faster than your standard charger, so charging your device is safe from over charging, over voltage, short circuit and charging takes only minutes not hours. The LED indicator will tell you how much power you have so you will always know when you need to charge it up. The iMuto is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a battery pack that can charge not only your Smartphone but multiple devices.

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Jackery Bar Pocket Size Portable Charger

Priced From 13US/  $21CDN

This is one of the smallest portable external chargers with a 2.1A output. So you can carry it around very easily and charge the latest Android smartphones at a relatively decent speed from its single USB port. It has 3 LED  lights with a power button to show your battery life. You can also double-click the power button to turn on the LED flashlight if you ever find yourself stranded in the dark. If you’re looking for a cheap portable charge for your latest and greatest Android smartphone I highly recommend the Jackery Bar.

Purchase HERE

If  you’re on a small budget please check out: The Best Power Banks Under $20 for 2018

iWalk Extreme Trio 10,000mAh

Priced From $48US/  £54/  $169CDN

The iWalk Extreme Trio has a nice eye-catching design with those diamond patterns. There is 2 output cables built-in, a micro USB and Lightning cable both rated at 2.4A, which means you can fairly fast charging and there’s also a third USB out. It will take 6½ hours to charge up this device. You can charge 3 devices at the same time will come in handy sometimes. The only drawback is that you cannot do it while the battery pack is plugged in and charging. There’s a LED display that shows the remaining power percentage, the remaining battery time and current output. In order to get the maximum charging speeds, you will have to pair the in box micro USB cable with a 2.4A wall charger.

Purchase Here

RAVPower Universal Power Bank

Priced From $189US/  $209CDN

The RAVPower Universal charger is a big powerhouse that has a massive  27,000mAh capacity and AC outlet so you can plug a TV or a laptop into it. You can charge a new 12 inch MacBook 3 times over and phones like the iPhone – 11 times and the Galaxy S7 – 6 times. It has 8 LED lights to show your power level. There’s also a DC input to charge up this device faster, but this powerhouse will still take a few hours to be fully charged up. This device is a beast, very large and heavy so it’s not what you would call easy to carry around, but if you’re looking for one of the best portable chargers on the market the RAVPower Universal Power Bank is a great option.

Purchase HERE

Charge Power Magnum Opus

Priced From  $24US/  £24  

The Charge Power Magnum Opus is one of the best power banks you can buy. The Magnum Opus is one of the top 10 power banks in the UK according to PC Advisor beating other top brands like Anker.  It has 10,000 mAh of power with dual USB ports with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which will charge your device 4x faster than standard chargers. With quick charge 3.0, you’re able to charge compatible devices to 80% in just 35 minutes. On the front, there’s a  LED display which shows the remaining battery percentage and there’s also a flashlight in case of an emergency. The Magnum Opus is universally compatible with most devices and has enough power to charge an iPhone 6 times, the Galaxy 3 times and the average laptop at least once. Charge Power provides a hassle-free full year warranty and access to there fantastic customer service.

Purchase HERE

EasyAcc Power Bank

Priced From $15us/ £10/  $24CDN

The EasyAcc 6400mAh Power Bank will give you at least 1 charge for an Android smartphone and 2 for the iPhone. It has 2.4A so you will get fast charging speeds for your device. The Easy Acc is a small and compact lightweight portable charger that easily fits in your pocket. There’s also a power button with 5 blue LED lights to show your remaining power. You also get an 18 months warranty.

Purchase HERE

Maxoak Power Bank 50,000mAh

Priced From $136US/  £116/   $205 CDN

The Maxoak Power Bank is the biggest portable charger option on this list. This 50,000mAh charger is massive but it’s a very versatile option for your smartphone, laptop, and digital camera. It’s a robust device that’s capable of charging an iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7  10 times. Also included is a smorgasbord of different connectors which allows you to connect to a wide variety of laptops and notebooks, so you could say the Maxoak Power Bank is a portable universal charger for laptops and notebooks. Make sure you check and see if these connectors are compatible with your devices before you buy. It has pass-through charging so you’re able to charge a host of devices while adding power to the charger itself. The Maxoak Power Bank has 6 output ports to charge multiple devices at the same time. So if you’re looking for one of the biggest and baddest portable chargers of any price range look no further than the Maxoak Power Bank.

Purchase HERE

Cheero Ingress Cube

Priced From $32US/  $129CDN

The Cheero Ingress Cube is not for everyone. It’s a licensed product that lights up with various LED color patterns when it’s in use. If you’re a fan of Niantic Lab’s “Ingress” you will recognize the visual style. It offers 12,000mAh of power and allows you to plug in 2 devices at the same time. The Ingress has excellent build quality but is a bit big and heavy. The Cheero Ingress Cube offers something different with its LED lights and 6 different lighting patterns.

Purchase HERE 

Anker Power Core 20,000mAh

Priced From $50US/ £36/  $63CDN

The Anker Power Core 20,000 has 2 ports. It has quick charge 3.0 which means this power bank will charge up a compatible smartphone to around 85% in just 35 minutes. To get the fastest possible charging speed makes sure your smartphone is QC compatible. The Anker PowerCore can power up a smartphone 5 times, and a tablet 2 times. This is a great compact charger with extremely fast charging, excellent for long trips.

Purchase HERE

Qi-Infinity Wireless Portable Charger

Priced From $37US/ $40CDN

You don’t need cables to charge your phone if you have the Qi-Infinity. This is the only portable wireless charger on this list at 4000mAh. The Qi-Infinity has a really kool and funky design that’s different from the other portable charger on this list. You can charge a smartphone once or twice depending on the type of phone. To charge your phone just simply place your phone on top of the device. It also has a USB port to charge a secondary device. There is a touch-sensitive power button at the top along with blue LED lights that show your remaining battery life. If you want wireless charging on the go the Qi- Infinity Wireless Portable Charger is great value.

Purchase HERE

Ravpower 20100 Built-in 2-Prong AC Plug

Priced From  $89US/  £84/  $129CDN

This powerhouse has enough juice to power up an iPhone 7 six times, a Galaxy S7 4.5 times. What makes this power bank stand out is its tall, cylindrical, Red Dot Design with the AC outlet at the top. Ths AC plug socket will let you plug and power anything as long as they draw less than 65W, like drones, 12 inch MacBooks or laptops, vacuum cleaners, action cameras, printers and so much more. It also has two USB outputs at the top, one USB type C with 5V/3A, and one 5V/2.4A iSmart USB output which will recognize the type of device your charging and provide only as much power as it needs. Pressing the power button with also show your battery life with 5 LED lights at the side each light representing 20 percent.

Purchase HERE

If you have any questions about these portable chargers or any other product please comment below. I would love to hear from you..

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