Grain Audio OEHP.01 Over The Ear Headphones

Grain Audio OEHP.01 Over The Ear Headphones

The Grain Audio OEHP.01 Over the Ear Headphones proves that you don’t have to spend big to get a headphone with top-notch audio quality. This very affordable headphone features a quality FSC certified solid walnut enclosure with a hand-applied zero VOC oil finish. 

From an acoustic standpoint, a wooden enclosure for headphones and speakers is better than a plastic one. And being audio enthusiasts, Grain Audio has used this as their platform to produce quality sounding wooden enclosed audio products with enhanced features like this OEHP.01 Over the Ear Headphone. 

This uniquely crafted wooden headphone is able to recreate an accurate representation of the music exactly as was intended by the musician during the recording.

To get such accuracy in audio performance, Grain Audio uses proprietary drivers that feature a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil. The end result is transparent, easy to hear sounds, with sharp time response, no distortion, with all the aspects of details that you didn’t even know you missing.

The Grain Audio OEHP.01 Over the Ear Headphones is a great headphone for any audio purists who appreciates quality audio at any price.


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