ZENBRE Z4 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2019

ZENBRE Z4 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2019

Photo By George Pang

ZENBRE is a company that focuses on providing affordable high-quality electronics. This is the ZENBRE Z4 Bluetooth speaker.


Build & Design

Photo By George Pang

You won’t be disappointed when you first set your eyes on the ZENBRE Z4 Bluetooth Speaker.  Aesthetically you can see that the ZENBRE Z4 was inspired by the JBL Flip speakers with a very similar rugged cylindrical design. It has the same durable fabric grill as most mainstream outdoor speakers. This not only gives the Z4 some protection from water but it also makes the speaker stand out in a market sector that’s flooded with tons of affordable speakers.

I like the looks of the Z4, it has a very clean but very understated design that allows it to fit in just about anywhere to provide entertainment for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. The biggest let down for me is that Z4 only has an IPX6 certification which means that it can only handle splashes, most of the current sports outdoor speakers on the market all have an IPX7 certified so there fully waterproof and dustproof. Despite that letdown, the Z4 is still a great outdoors speaker that can be enjoyed whether you’re at a pool or at a picnic.

One of the best things about the Z4 is its durability. Most of the affordable sports speakers currently on the market are not very durable and can’t stand up to drops on hard or soft surfaces. The rugged design of the Z4 will inspire a lot of confidence against drops on any surface. I accidentally dropped the Z4 speaker a few time on a few hard surfaces from different highs and it only got some minor scratches.

You’re also able to pair two Z4 speakers together and play them in sync to get a full and more surround sound experience.



Even though the Z4 is running Bluetooth 4.1 the connection will work perfectly fine. Pairing is pretty straightforward and easy. Once you pair with your smartphone the speaker will automatically connect to your device everytime you turn the speaker on. You are able to get up to 30 feet in wireless range with a clear line of sight before the signal will start to cut out.

I was able to get my hands of a second Z4 speaker. Pairing both speakers together is a very simple task and once the speakers are paired up, they will automatically sync up every time you turn them on.


Battery life is also impressive, ZENBRE claims up to 20-hours of playtime at 50% volume. In my real world testing, I got just over 21-hours with the volume at 50% and 16-hours at high volumes. That’s even better than a lot of the more premium quality speakers on the market.

Sound Quality

The biggest surprise about the Z4 is how loud it gets. At max volume, this speaker is very effective outdoors, especially in crowded environments. Its one of the loudest speakers under the $50 price point.

Vocals in the mids are bright and forward, very clear and distinct without being harsh or overdone. The highs have a good amount of clarity but will get overpowered by the mids at high volume. The bass is ever present but can be a bit tame so if you like bass-rich audio the Z4 won’t be for you.

Adding another Z4 speaker to the mix will deliver a much fuller and more powerful audio experience that’s worth experiencing. I particularly enjoyed using them with my TV and laptop to watch movies, video, and play gaming.



The ZENBRE Z4 is great all around speaker that offers great quality at a very affordable price. It’s great well-rounded speakers that’s great for any occasion and with the option to connect two speakers together, the Z4 will have a lot of versatility for your entertainment and enjoyment. The lack of an IPX7 certification wasn’t a big issue for me but it might be for some consumers who value waterproofing. Not only is the Z4 louder than a lot of the more expensive speakers on the market but you also get a very balanced and well rounded audio experience. But if your looking for a bass heavy speaker there are better options available.

In a market section that’s flooded with cheaply affordable Bluetooth speaker, the ZENBRE Z4 is able to hold its own and stand out from the competition and we highly recommended it. Read Now: Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50

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