The Best Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

The Best Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 maybe the most beautiful smartphone ever made, with some of the best features. Some are very obvious, but there are some useful ones that you might not know about that can be quite handy. Below are 12 very useful tips and tricks for the Galaxy S8 that will improve and let you enjoy your the best Android phone in the world even more.

Changing The Screen Masks On Your Iris Scanner

The Iris Scanner is an impressive feature and Samsung has made it more interesting by adding cartoon masks. To activate go the Settings app> Lock Screen and Security> Iris Scanner> Preview Screen Mask> ( Select the mask). When this feature is activated you will see some cartoon options for your  Iris Scanner.


Enable Or Adjust The Edge Panels

The Edge Panels on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ are very customizable. To turn Edge Panel ON/ OFF, head over to your Settings app> Display> Edge Panels> Select ON/ OFF.  You can make the Edge Panel usable on the right or left by opening the edge screen and Tap on the Gear icon. ( Edge Panel Setting ) then open ( More Options )  by Tapping the three dot icon. Tap ” Handle Setting ” then change the position to either right or left. The Handle Setting also allows you to adjust the size, transparency, and vibration.


Stop New Icons From Being Added  To Your Home Screen

Anytime you download a new app from the Google Play store on your Galaxy S8 or S8+ an icon will automatically show up on your home screen. This might interfere with the way you arrange your icons. If you want to stop it from happening, Go to your Google Play Store app> Tap on the three parallel horizontal lines  ( hamburger) icon> Settings> Deselect Add Icon to the Home Screen.


Customize Your Always On Display

You’re Always On Display is always on in low power mode. In low power mode, you can see the time, date, notification and media control on the display. To customize your Always On Display head to Settings app> Lock Screen and Security> Always On Display. The menu lets you adjust the layout of the clock, the color, and the background photo. You can also set the time you want to turn off this feature.


How To Search For Content And Setting On Your Galaxy S8 & S8+

You can search for a file, apps, emails, photos and even text messages by simply opening your app drawer> Tap “Search Phone ” box at the top, to find a Sitting to adjust, Tap on the search box in the Settings app.


Using Bluetooth Dual Audio

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ has the ability to stream audio to two sets of speakers or headphones at the same time. You can activate this feature by heading to your Settings app> Connection> Turn on Bluetooth> Tap on the three dots at the top right corner> Dual Audio> Pair Two Sets Of Headphones.


One-Handed Mode

You can make it easier to use your Galaxy S8 and S8+ with one handed mode. The feature makes your display smaller so you easily use with on hand. To setup this feature, head to Setting app> Advanced Feature> One-Handed Mode. After enabling this feature you need to Tap on the Home button 3 times in order to activate One Handed Mode.


Fingerprint Sensor Gestures

Finger Sensor Gestures is a handy feature which allows you to down pull down on the fingerprint scanner to pull down the notification shade and swipe on the Fingerprint Scanner to launch Samsung Pay. To activate head to your Setting app> Advanced Feature> Finger Sensor Gestures.


Split Screen

This feature allows you to multitask with a split screen, to activate press the Recent apps Button. This is the button at the top frame of each app. There is a button with two rectangles next to the “X ” button. After you press the rectangle the app will go into split screen mode at the top and the bottom half will show you other recent apps.  Tap on ” More apps ” or select one of the recent apps. To exit  Split Screen mode Tap on the line that separates the two apps and drag it all the way up or down.


Using Voice Command To Take Photo

This feature allows you to use voice command to take photos. To activate Tap on the Setting in the top right corner of the Camera app. There is an option called  Voice Control at the bottom of the list. You can then say ” cheese ” or ” smile ” to take photos.


WiFi Calling

You can make phone calls using WiFi. To activate head to Setting> Connections> More Connection Settings and Turn on WiFi calling.


Video Stabilization

Video Stabilization is a  feature that prevents shaky videos. To turn this feature on open the Camera app> Tap on Settings Menu at the top right> Select Video Stabilization under the common section. This feature will not work when recording videos in qHD resolution.


I hope your enjoy these great features on your on your Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, if you would like to share your favorite Galaxy S8 feature please share in the comments below or if you have any questions also comment below.










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