Samsung DeX Review 2018

Samsung DeX Review 2018

Photo Credit: Aaron Yoo

The fact that DeX exist is pretty kool.

Let’s start out by saying DeX is pretty pricey. It costs $149.99 and you have to have a Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse handy,  plus a Bluetooth headphones or speakers because you can’t use a regular pair of headphones or speakers with it. That’s a pretty huge barrier to enter for the ordinary consumers. This is why the product isn’t really aimed at the ordinary consumer.




Photo Credit: Aaron Yoo

The Dock unfolds into a kinda landing pod to drop your phone into. You plug in the Samsung charger, run an HDMI cable from your dock to your monitor, and plug your keyboard and mouse in either USB jack or connect them wirelessly through Bluetooth. Then just turn on to use your phone as a desktop PC.

Photo Credit: Aaron Yoo

The reality is your phone doesn’t have as much power as a true computer but the impressive thing about DeX is how great it performs despite the fact it’s a phone.


Desktop Layout

Photo Credit: Aaron Yoo

The layout is quite is quite familiar to anyone that is used to a Windows machine. It has a shortcut to your app drawer,  a start menu is on the lower left, and apps open in a lil self-contained window. You also have notifications that show all your incoming alerts just like on your phone. There are shortcuts to system functions like WiFi and Bluetooth and you also can right click your mouse for more options. You can set screensavers to your monitor as well.

To access files from your thumb drive just simply stick it into one of the USB ports on your DeX and just access your files.



DeX works really well and will only start to slow down when you open up a ton of apps at once.

If you’re a Chrome user I’m happy to report that it works very well even when you open a bunch of browser tabs.




DeX is not what you would call practical. The dock is lightweight and easy to carry around but once you factor in everything you have to take along with you, keyboard, mouse, wireless headphones or Speaker, HDMI cable, plugs, you might as well just use a laptop.

Samsung is targeting the corporate market with DeX. And I have to agree with Samsung because the lightest laptop is still quite large when compared to a smartphone and more expensive as well.

Samsung is betting on a future where companies stop using the much larger laptops and use a pallet of Galaxy’s with DeX docks instead. This would mean that all your work will be stored on your phone. So when you come into work just drop it in your dock and start working. If you need to work from home all that work will be there on your phone.




As a corporate place solution, DeX dock kinda makes sense, way more sense than for the average consumer. I believe DeX is a great product but a lil ahead of its time so it still has ways to go before it can even be considered the new standard. DeX is something for the future, not the then and now.

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Here are some awesome Tips and Tricks to get the most of DeX.


If you have any questions about the Samsung DeX please comment below.



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