HedFonz Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphone Review 2018

HedFonz Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphone Review 2018


This is HedFonz new Active Noise Canceling Headphone, its geared to towards those looking for a great active noise-canceling Bluetooth headphone at a very affordable price.


After spending some time with the HedFonz Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth headphone, this is my full review.



Design & Feel

The headphones have an all plastic construction with a matte black finish. I really like the clean and simple design, it really makes these headphones stand out from most of the other headphones in its price range. The fact that earcups cannot be folded up was a bit of a disappointment for me but the headphones can swivel a full 90 degrees for ease of transport in the included carry case.

It has padded earcups that are pretty comfortable on the ears but they aren’t the most plush when compared to more premium active noise canceling headphones. Even though the earcups aren’t the most plush, they do an amazing job at isolation. The headband also has plenty of extra padding that adds to the overall comfort and design of the headphones. FAIR WARNING; These headphones will start to get a bit uncomfortable when wearing for long hours.

On the left earcup is where you will find all your control to play /pause, skip forward/ back, volume up / down, answer/ end phone calls, and also a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired connection.



Pairing to your smartphone is a very quick and easy procedure. Once the headphone is connected it will automatically pair with your device every time you turn it on. It offers Bluetooth 4.1 technology so you will get pretty good signal strength with a wireless range of over 33 feet with a clear line of sight and over 18 feet with 2 walls in between before the audio starts to go in and out.


Noise Canceling

The right earcup is where you will find the noise canceling switch. Once you switch the noise canceling button on the isolation intensifies and the audio quality gets better. Even though HedFonz claims that the active noise canceling will block out 95% of ambient noise, in reality, it only blocks out about 70% and that is still is pretty strong. It will easily get rid of all the noise around you when you’re around the house or outdoors. But it suffers when in stronger noise, especially when you’re on a plane you’re able to hear the humming of the plane’s engine very clearly.  This wasn’t a deal breaker for me because for the price it’s still mightily impressive. Another good thing about the active noise canceling is that you don’t have to listen audio at high volume so you won’t suffer from induced hearing loss.


Sound Quality

These do deliver a really good sound experience. The lows are excellent with good low-end bass. Highs are detailed but can get a bit overwhelming or ringy at high volume levels and this will sometimes lead to listening fatigue. The mids are extremely balanced and produce an accurate portrayal of instruments and vocals when listening to high-quality audio.

Battery Life

On a full charge you can expect to get around 15-hours of playback time and this is because you can actually turn the active noise canceling off.  If you have the noise canceling turned on it will drain your battery a little bit faster than the proposed playback time. So make sure to keep that in mind when using these headphones.


Hedfonz Outdoors – George Pang

After spending almost 2 months with the HedFonz Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphone, It has become one of my favorite active noise canceling headphones to use.

Its one of a select few affordable noises canceling headphones under the $100 price point that actually provides excellent noise isolation with a great audio experience. There are better headphones like that offer more like the Bose QC35 and the SONY MZR 1000X but these headphones cost significantly more.  It will be hard to find a better active noise canceling Bluetooth headphone under $100 than the HedFonz Active Noise Canceling Headphones.  It doesn’t look or feel premium but its lightweight and extremely durable. Read Next: Best Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

HedFonz also provides a no-nonsense 30-day money back guarantee and 12 months manufacturers warranty.


The HedFonz Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphone will get a total rating out of 10 below, based on Sound Quality, Battery Life, ANC, Build and Design…

My Overall RATING: 8.2 OUT OF 10

Priced From   $79USD

Purchase HERE

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