DOSS Soundbox Pro Speaker Review 2019

The DOSS Soundbox Pro is a $50 Bluetooth speaker that aims to be a cheaper alternative to the Sony XB21 and JBL Flip4 speakers.

Design & Physical Feature

The Soundbox Pro doesn’t look or feel cheap and plasticky like a lot of the other speakers in its price range. It has a rubberized texture that covers the entire enclosure that makes it feel as tough and rugged as the name brand quality speakers on the market.

This speaker is water resistant with an IPX5 rating which means it can handle light water sprays but it cant be submerged under water like most of its competition.

At the top, you’ll find all the buttons with all your playback controls which included the extra bass button and the added feature which allows you to pair 2 DOSS Soundbox speakers together for a true stereo experience. With the Soundbox only limited to pairing 2 speakers together, speakers from JBL and Sony are able to pair more than 10 speakers together and have them pay in sync at the same time.

At the rear, you find the passive bass radiator and a water resistant flap which houses a Micro USB port for charging the speaker, a 3.5mm jack for physical connections and a micro SD slot.

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The Mode button allows you to cycle through the 6 solid LED colours on the front facing speakers. The extra bass button can also be used to change the pattern of the LED lights. Customization is limited but you’re able to make the lights stay one solid colour, pulsate to the beat of the music, and a party mode which will automatically cycle through the different LED colours or you can just turn the lights off completely. Speakers like the Sony XB20 and XB21 offers more lighting options and the lights are brighter and more vibrant.

Battery Life

DOSS claims 10 hours of battery life. In real-world testing, at 50% volume with the LED lights on you’ll get closer to 11 hours of playtime on a single charge.


The Soundbox uses Bluetooth 4.2 and it works really well. You will be able to get over 80 feet of wireless range when using the latest smartphones.

When on a call, the speakerphone on the SoundBox is only good at very close distances from around 2-3 feet away. Once you go beyond that you will start to get echo’s and it will continue to get worse the further away you go.

Sound Quality

The soundbox Pro is considered a bassy speaker and it has much deeper bass than the JBL Flip4 and much richer bass than the Sony XB21. The mids sound clear and alive so vocals stand out and instruments are well pronounced. The highs are very clear and it doesn’t get overpowered by the bass, but you will get a lot of distortion in both the highs and mids at high volume.


For the price, this speaker will stand toe to toe and even outperform similar offerings from Sony and JBL in terms of audio quality. But when it comes to features and water submersion, the more expensive brands are still better. The Soundbox pro is one of the best affordable Bluetooth speakers on the market and I highly recommend if you don’t plan on using it at high volume majority of the time.

This cheap affordable speaker comes with almost everything that the mainstream bigger brand Bluetooth speakers offer in the $100 price range not only in features but also built quality. Read Next: Best Bluetooth Speakers

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