Best WOOD Headphones of 2019

Wooden Headphones are becoming more popular in 2019. They are quite unique and different from the metal and plastic headphones. Wood has the ability to vibrate in a harmonious way, giving you a quality that can’t be emulated by metal or plastic. These beautiful wood headphones are all made from natural wood and are some of the best on the market today. They are listed by price, from cheapest to most expensive so you’re sure to find a headphone in your price range.

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The Overall RATINGS of each Headphone is Based on DESIGN, SOUND & COMFORT.

INCHOR Wood Earbuds 

Priced From $6USD

The INCHOR Wood Earbuds are the cheapest on this list. These cheap earbuds are crafted from natural wood housing which gives a premium quality at a low price. They fit very comfortably in the ear a and provide a great sound experience with plenty of bass. For the price, this INCHOR wood headphone is a bargain for the amount of quality you get. If you’re on a small budget and you’re looking for a nice pair of wooden headphones at a dirt cheap price then I recommend the INCHOR Wood Headphones.

The INCHOR Wood Headphone gets an Overall RATING of 8.6 / 10

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Divine Music 4 U Noise Cancelling Wood Headphones

Priced From  $25USD

This brilliant affordable wooden earphone fits in the ear quite comfortably and provides a quite impressive sound that’s crisp and clear with very deep bass to match. It also has great noise isolation that’s only matched by more pricier headphones. The build quality is durable and nice to touch. The headphones are back by Divine Music 4 U’s 6 months warranty.

The Divine Music 4 U Wood Headphones get and Overall RATING OF  8.9 / 10

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Floyd Rose FR-18W Headphone

Priced From  $128USD
These are some of the most beautiful wood headphones on the market. Floyd Rose is known for the quality audio products and these FR-18W headphones are no exception. It has a elegant wood and metal construction along with
soft cushiony ear cups that contour around the shape of your ear to provide superior comfort and excellent isolation from outside noise. The sound quality is excellent you get a dynamic sound experience that will match some of the best and more expensive headphones on the market. If your looks for a stylish pair of headphone with superior sound quality this Floyd Rose FR-18W headphone is one of the best options around.

The Floyd Rose FR-18W Wood Headphones get and Overall RATING OF  9.4 / 10

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Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood Headphones

Priced From $25USD

These Symphonized NRG 3.0 are made from handcrafted wood. These beautiful earphones look and feel more expensive than most other headphones in its price range and compete with more expensive earphones.  It comfortably fits in the ear providing excellent sound quality with powerful bass which can only be matched by the more expensive earphones. The mic is very clean and clear and will surprise you when you’re on a call, noise isolation is well controlled and does a good job of keeping noise a bay. It’s compatible with all iOS and Android devices. The Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood Headphone is a very impressive pair of headphones, that punches way above its weight and will be perfect for you or a friend that love the quality of a wooden earphone.

The Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood Headphones get and Overall RATING OF  9.1 / 10

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Symphonized NRG  Bluetooth Wireless Wood Headphones

Priced From $19USD

The Symphonized NRG Bluetooth Wireless Wood Headphones are pretty much the same as the Symphonized NRG 3.O above, the only difference is that this Symphonized NRG has wireless Bluetooth connectivity hence the price difference. These Bluetooth earphones look and sound great, they fit snug in the ear and will stay secure with the removable hooks with great noise isolation blocking out most outside noise. Battery life is 6hrs under heavy usage and 8hrs under average usage on a single 2-hour charge. The built-in mic and volume control work really well. It’s compatible with all Bluetooth devices from iOS, Android, Laptops and more. If you don’t fancy the wired Symphonized NRG 3.0 and want a great pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones instead, then I recommend the Symphonized NRG Bluetooth Wireless Wood Headphones if you don’t mind spending the extra $5.

The Symphonized NRG Bluetooth Wireless Wood Headphones gets and Overall RATING OF  9.0 / 10

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Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wood Headphones

Priced From $59USD

These uniquely crafted wood noise canceling headphones are composed of natural wood which can be Walnut, Maple, Cherry and more, wrapped in a sleek metal frame that gives it a classy look and feels. The Wraith 2.0 sounds good and has decent bass not as good as its more expensive competition but the wood design does give it a unique sound. It’s very comfortable and will cut down background noise to more than half. The mic has good sound quality. It works excellent with the latest iOS and Android devices. The Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wood Headphones are amazing value for overall design and quality that can only be matched by more expensive headphones.

The Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wood Headphones get and Overall RATING OF 8.9 / 10

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House of Marley Voyage Bluetooth Earbuds

Priced From $54USD

These stylish House of Marley wireless earbuds are made from sleek bamboo accents, regrind silicone and bio-based resin housings. The earbuds have flexible loop fittings which allow them to fit in your ear very comfy, stable, and secure, plus they are sweat resistant so these earbuds are perfect for working out. Sound quality is good, it delivers balanced highs and mids with ample bass. You get 6 hours of playtime which is decent and will be good enough to get you through a few workout sessions. If your looking for a great pair of wireless wood headphones for working out the House of Marley Voyage Bluetooth Headphones is one of the best options around. Read Now: Best Wood Bluetooth Headphones

The ASRJ Wireless Wood Headphone gets and Overall RATING of  8.3 / 10

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Langsdom VALIANT VA800 Wood Headphone

Priced From  $59USD

The Langsdom VALIANT VA800 Wood Headphones are made from genuine black walnut wood. It looks and feels as expensive as the more premium wood headphones on the market. The headband fits on your head very comfortably because the weight is evenly distributed by the large metal wires from the split band. The marshmallow-like ear cups provide excellent comfort, especially when wearing for prolonged hours. Sound quality is good you get nice and clear vocals with an excellent deep bass.

The Langsdom VALIANT VA800 Wood Headphones gets and Overall RATING of  8.7 / 10

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Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wireless Wood Bluetooth  Headphones

Priced From $79USD

The Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Wood Headphones is pretty much the same as the above Wraith 2.0, with the same unique features and sleek design language, the main difference is this Symphonized Wraith 2.0 has wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a working distance of 32 feet (10m). So if you’re a fan of the Symphonized Wraith 2.0 this wireless version gives you better maneuverability and less cord entanglement for only $14 more the Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Wood Headphones must have.

The Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Wood Headphone gets and Overall RATING of  8.1 / 10

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SIVGA SV007 Over-Ear Hi-Fi Wood Headphone

Priced From $89USD

The SIVGA SV007  wooden headset was built with comfort in mind, they are extremely comfortable with a snug fit that helps to isolate outside noise and cuts it by more than half delivery uninterrupted listing. The sound is awesome, a great musical feel with extended sub-bass, clear highs, and mids, make your overall music experience very crisp and rich. The SIVGA SV007 is one of the best wooden headphones under $100 and should be the one you go for if you have a $100 to spend.

The SIVGA SV007 Over-Ear Hi-Fi Wood Headphone get and Overall RATINGS 9.5 / 10

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 BiGR Audio Wood Headphone

Priced From $88USD

BiGR Audio Wood Headphones are another great pair of headphones just under the $100 price tag, they are made from natural wood. These headphones are foldable and adjustable in size and fit, so they are very easy to carry around. BiGR Audio provides a wonderful sound experience with the bass really emphasized while blocking out background noise extremely well. The air cushions are plush and soft so they are very comfortable even when you use them for extra long hours. The BiGR Audio Wood Headphones are a really nice headphone that’s worth its price tag, it would be the perfect gift for the music lover.

The BiGR Audio Wood Headphone gets and Overall RATING of  9.5 / 10

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SIVGA SV006 Hi-Fi Stereo Wood Headphone Priced From $79USD

Similar to the SIVGA SV007 above, this SIVGA SV006 Stereo Wood headphone was built with comfort in mind. It’s made from handcrafted all-natural wood to deliver a more natural sound experience.  The Soft leather ear cups prived exceptional comfort and great noise isolate from outside noise. This awesome headphone delivers a rich, solid audio experience, you get clean, crisp vocals with extended sub-bass thanks to its genuine wood design.

The SIVGA SV006 Hi-Fi  Stereo Wood Headphone gets and Overall RATING of  9.0 / 10

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Even EarPrint H2

Priced From $229USD

The Even EarPrint H2 wireless headphone is made from walnut. What makes these headphones quite special is it’s Patented EarPrint Technology which plays 8 different sounds in each ear at different frequencies to get your earprint. This results in you getting a fully balanced and even sound in both ears when your listening to music. The Earprint H2 is designed to give you the best sounding music in both ears no matter what range of music you’re listening to. You get the same sound awesome audio experience in both ears that’s unmatched by any headphone on the market. These headphones are solid and well built with plush and very comfy earcups and with over 20 hours of playtime you can enjoy your music through the entire day and night. If you’re looking for the best balance sounding headphones then look no further than the Even EarPrint H2.

The Even EarPrint H2 Bluetooth Wood Headphone gets and Overall RATING of  9.1 / 10

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Meze 99 Classics Wood Headphones

Priced From $309USD

The Meze 99 Classic Wood Headphones is truly an elegant and tough built headphone. This is a headphone that exquisitely blends wood and metal. Meze used very high-end materials for this build, that includes: “CNC carved wood ear cups, cast zinc alloy hardware with an electroplated coating, stamped manganese spring steel headband, memory foam and soft PU leather”. Comfort and distance around the ears are very good. The only issue some might have is the pads get a little warm with extended use, the PU leather is like a pillow around the ear. The headphone automatically adjusting to your head with some cleverly placed elastic materials. Sound quality is more than just a musical experience with the Bass having a prominent role in the Meze 99 Classics sound signature. There is a lot of warmth and fullness down low.

Due to the easy fit and soft leather pads, the Meze 99 Classics can form quite a nice seal. That seal in return leads to a really nice isolating headphone. The 99 Classics are the best headphones on this list and is truly a great overall headphone for those looking for a warm, entertaining and detailed musical experience. $309

The Meze 99 Classics Wood Headphones get an Overall RATING of  9.5 / 10

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Audio Quest – Nighthawk Wood Headphones

Priced From $598USD

The Audio Quest – Nighthawk is a really unique pair of headphones. If you’re an audio enthusiast you’re probably familiar with Audio Quest, there well known for making some of the world’s best audio cables and audio gear for over 40 years. They pride themselves on minimizing signal distortions to provide sound that’s as true to the source material as possible. The outer layer of the earcups is made of environmentally friendly liquid wood. Liquid wood reduces resonance to almost zero and the presence of this material also means that no two pairs of headphones are identical.  This awesome headphone is lightweight with an over-ear semi-open design that makes it one of the most comfortable headphones you will ever wear. Each earpiece is suspended from 4 pieces of rubber allowing them to move independently in all directions to provide a perfect fit and comfort. The Nighthawks provides a rich and abiding sound that’s warm and natural from earcups inspired by loudspeaker cabinets. If you enjoy long listening sessions you should definitely add the Audio Quest – Nighthawk to your list. Read Next:  Best Wood   EarbudsBluetooth Headphones

The Audio Quest – Nighthawk Wood Headphones get an Overall RATING of  9.6 / 10

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome Wood Headphones above, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Wood Headphones please comment below.

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  1. Nice list, I have both Meze 99 Classics and Sivga SV007 and it is a close run between the two. Both are extremely comfortable

  2. The Symphonized NRG3.0 it looks very cute and comfortable; but being active like dancing running n stuff like that will fall out you ear or its well embedded n also the wood is it light weighted.

    • Hey Vanessa, the Symphonized NRG  Bluetooth Wireless Wood Headphones would be a better fit for your kind of active lifestyle they are very similar to the Symphonized NRG3.0 but they are lightweight and have additional wing tips which provide extra support that will keep them embedded very comfortably in your ear during your activities plus you have the added bonus off bluetooth wireless technology…

    • Hey Jan, Thanks for sharing. I didn’t miss it. I have been doing my research on the Grado wood headphones and I will be adding Grado products very soon.

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