Best Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Best Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2021

If you’re looking for ultimate portability and great sound quality in  Bluetooth speaker, then you’re going to need an Ultra-Portable Bluetooth speaker. These are very small and compact speakers that are extremely durable with waterproofing so you’re able to take them just about anywhere. You can pin them on your gear, use them in the shower, put them in your pocket or just stick them in your bag to take on your outdoor adventures. While Bluetooth speakers like the UE WONDERBOOM 2 and the JBL Flip 5 are considered as small Bluetooth speakers, they are not as slim or as portable. Ultra-Portable speakers won’t be as powerful or as loud as most of the bigger more premium speakers, but they will deliver a great audio experience and offer excellent portability to enjoy your music no matter where your adventure takes you.

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JBL Go 3


With JBL GO 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker you can take your music anywhere. It has an IP67 certification which means it’s waterproof and dustproof, so so you’re free to use it by the pool, at the beach, or even in the water.

You’re able to enjoy your favourite music for up to 5 hours none stop and it can be fully recharged in 2.5 hours. It has JBL’s sound signature, so you get balanced mids and highs with punchy bass.

The GO 3 also provides you with a clear calling experience thanks to its noise-cancelling speakerphone. This ultra-portable speaker is compact and light enough to bring on your next adventure.

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JBL Clip 3

The JBL Clip 3 is one of the best portable speakers you can get at any price point. The fabric cover gives it an IPX7 waterproof rating so you can take it with you in the shower to listen to your favorite tunes and it also has a slightly updated design when compared to the older version. The battery life is also upgraded so now you get 10 hours of playback time. Sound quality is good enough for outdoor activities like a picnic or taking a hike. If you’re looking for a cheap speaker that’s durable to throw around and portable enough to bring with you everywhere, you can’t go wrong with the JBL Clip 3. Read Next: Best JBL Bluetooth Speakers

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Sony XB12

The Sony XB12 is one of the smallest and most compact Sony speakers on the market. Designed to go with you anywhere, this compact speaker includes a detachable strap which allows you to hang or carry it from anywhere. It has an IP67 rating which means it is water and dustproof, plus it can survive being dropped in water. Like all Sony XB speakers, you can also pair two Sony XB12 speakers together and have them play at the same time for a more stereo sound experience.

Your able gets 16 hours of playtimes and 2 hours recharged time. This small speaker sports a single upwards facing driver that provides a 360 degrees sound experience. The single monaural speaker works with a passive radiator to enhance low-end tones to improve bass performance. So despite its compact size, you’re able to get impressive punchy bass with clear mids and highs. If you’re looking for ultimate portability in a compact size the Sony XB12 is a great option.

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The UE ROLL2 is small and lightweight and feature an elastic bungee cord that allows you to hang or wrap the speaker around just about anything. It’s made from a similar rugged material as most of the other premium speakers on the list. The ROLL2 has an IPX7 certification so it’s fully waterproof and it can be submerged in up to a 1m of water up to 30 minutes. You’re able to get 9 hours of playtime with a wireless range of up to 65 feet.  Sound quality is very good you get a very balanced audio experience and you can also use the UE app to get more customization and control of your sound experience. Unlike a lot of the other speakers on the market, the UE ROLL2 is available in a wide array of colours and designs which helps you stand out from the crowd.

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No Bounds 

Being part of the Marley’s newest No Bounds speaker line of HOM speakers, this awesome little speaker is in similar design to the more popular JBL Clip speakers. And like the Clip, this No Bounds speaker was designed for adventures great and small. This travel companion has an IP67 rating, so it will be able to handle drops in pools, rivers or the ocean and work just fine. It’s crafted from House Of Marley’s exclusive rewind fabric, recycled aluminium and regrind silicone so it will float and not sink when in water. You’ll get loud and crisp vocal with punchy bass backed by around 10-hours of playtime. If you need a more surround sound experience the No Bounds speakers have Wireless Dual Speaker Pairing which allows you to connect with another compatible speaker via Bluetooth and play them at the same time. Read Now: Best House of Marley Speakers

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The SHAVA Ultra doesn’t have any fancy features or gimmicks like some of the other speakers on this list, but this little speaker is extremely rugged and offers a pretty impressive sound experience. Unlike most ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker, the SHAVA Ultra has 2 drivers and unique enhanced bass through a passive radiator. Read Our Full Review

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B&O Beoplay A1 2nd Gen

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen Wireless Waterproof Speaker produces big sound in a very compact design. It’s perfect for those looking that are looking for those that want loud, powerful party speaker to anywhere. It delivers 360 omnidirectional sound with a very rich and detailed sound experience with punchy bass. You’re able to get an impressive 18 hours of audio playtime at typical listening volumes and up to 43 hours at low volume. You can also pair two A1 speakers together and play them at the same time to get a more stereo experience. The A1 is dust-resistant as well as waterproof and can be submerged in up to 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

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Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker

The Bose Soundlink Micro speaker is currently the best ultra-portable speaker on the market, it delivers the best balance between sound quality and portability. This speaker is a durable outdoor speaker that’s made from tear-resistant silicone so it’s not only scratch-resistant, but it’s also able to withstand drops on hard surfaces from various heights. See Full Review

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Honourable Mention!



Boompods Aquablaster Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Boompods Aquablaster Bluetooth Speaker is an Alexa enabled ultra-portable speaker that allows you to use Alexa voice assistant anywhere you go both indoors and outdoors. This rugged little speaker has an IPX7 rating so it’s completely waterproof and drop proof. It also comes with a few handy accessories which allow you to hang or wall mount it using the charging cable lanyard, wall mounting cup, karabiner or bike mount. The high quality 8 Watt driver delivers great sound quality with loud clear vocals and ample bass. If you’re looking for a rugged ultra-portable speaker with voice assistant capabilities the Boompods Aquablaster is a great option.

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Beoplay P2

Considered to be one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market, the Beoplay P2 from Bang & Olufsen is a compact and flat speaker that measures just 28mm×80×140mm and weighs 275g, yet it still manages to impress in the sound department. It’s also splash and dust resistant. The P2 offers up to 10 hours of playtime per charge. It can be used with a quick shake or double-tap to active Beoplay P2 smart features to play, pause or skip tracks, launch your smartphones personal assistant or use the Beoplay app to wake up with your favourite music or podcast. The Beoplay P2 is one of the best speakers, great for the person who wants a flat sleek speaker that sounds great and is splash resistant.

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The STOCKWELL II Bluetooth Speaker is a very thin and compact Bluetooth speaker with a lot of portability. MARSHALL uses the same metal mesh-like design patterns that you would see there amplifiers and microphones to give the STOCKWELL II that authentic look. Your able to get 19 hours of playtime along with quick charging technology so just 20 minutes of charge will give you 6 hours of power. See Full Review

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2 thoughts on “Best Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2021

  1. Great selection! The JBL Clip3 or the UE Roll2 are among my all-time favorites, but I didn’t know the BePlay. In fact I wasn’t aware that Bang&Olufsen made Bluetooth speakers! Good to know that, though they are priced a little more that I can personnally afford.

    1. Thank you, David. You have great taste. The JBL Clip3 is currently my favourite Bluetooth speaker for travel, it’s the perfect travel companion. Yes, B&O has been making Bluetooth speakers for a while now, but they all are a bit overpriced in my book, especially when compared the competition.

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