Best Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for 2019


Truly wireless earphones are slowly starting to get more and more popular and with the headphone jack becoming obsolete on the most smartphones, Bluetooth headphones are now at the forefront. Truly wireless earbuds are the lasted options. These in-ear Bluetooth headphones have no cable or cord that connect them making them great for physical actives. The sound quality in Bluetooth earbuds have never been mind-blowing when compared to wired headphone but they do an excellent job of providing great enjoyment and very good listening experience. Below is a roundup of the best truly wireless earbuds available on the market today, whether for exercise or casual use, your sure to find an earbud to suit your needs. Read Next: Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under   /$20   /$50/   $100



Apple AirPods 2

Priced From  $199USD

The new upgraded Apple AirPods 2 has a very similar design to the previous version. They look, sound and fit the same. Even though both versions look alike the difference between both sets of AirPods are on the inside with the new AirPods boasting Apple’s H1 chip which is an upgrade to the previous W1 chip. This chip improves latency, so audio is in sync when watching videos and gaming, you also get faster pairing between Apple devices and improved audio processing. Battery life has also been improved, you get the same size batteries as the older version, but you are now able to get 50% more talk time. The battery life for music or just audio listening is still 5 hours between charges and that’s still one of the best when it comes to wireless earbuds.

The new charging case now supports Qi wireless charging so your now able to charge it on most Qi wireless charging pad. So, you can u any just about any wireless charging to charge your AirPods. You can get the new AirPods 2 the wireless charging case for $199, or you just get the charging case only for your existing AirPods for $79 or if you don’t care about wireless charging you can buy the AirPods 2 with a standard case for $159

These new AirPods have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology so you get seamless connectivity to both Apple and Android devices. With support for Hey Siri, you now have the ability to call up Siri without tapping on the side. The new AirPods 2 are still impressive earbuds but if you already have the first Gen AirPods there is no need to upgrade and if you want wireless charging you can just buy the wireless charge case only.


Jaybird RUN XT

Priced From  $179USD

The newly upgraded Jaybird RUN XT is a great pair of earbuds from a company that always delivers class-leading Bluetooth audio devices. The new Jaybird RUN XT has minor design improvement that makes the earbuds more rugged and durable. Unlike the previous version, the newer XT’s fit more comfy and secure and won’t fall out easily. One of the best improvements of the XT is its IPX7 rating. While most of the competition typically has an IPX rating of 4 or 5 which means they can only handle splashes and sweat, the XT can be fully submerged in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.

You’re able to get 4-hours of constant playback and an additional 8-hours with the charging case. Thanks to quick charge technology, just 5 minutes of charge will give you a solid 1-hour of playtime. With Jaybirds colourful sound signature, you get great sound quality with strong mids and hard-hitting, thumping bass. The highs are very underwhelming and a bit tame. Using the Jaybird app, you can adjust your audio to suit your style. The app also has a very cool feature called Find My Buds. This feature helps you to keep track of your earbuds by showing you where you latest left them. If you’re the kind of person that likes a flatter sound signature, you will find the Jaybird RUN XT really easy to enjoy.



Anker Zolo Liberty

Priced From  $98USD

Zolo is a new brand on the market and there own by Anker. Anker is a well known and reputable brand in the tech space. They fit in the ear very comfy and secure and won’t fall out when working out. These earbuds are sweat and water resistant so you won’t have to worry about getting them sweaty during your workout.

The Liberty uses Graphene-Enhanced Sound to produce impressive crystal with clear and crisp highs and mids but not a lot of bass when its compared to the more pricier earbuds on this list. You’ll get around 3.5 hours of play time, but the included case can get you 24 hours of battery life. The Anker Zolo Liberty offers premium sound, for a little under $100 you get one of the best sounding earbuds on the market. But if your looking for something with a lot of bass this isn’t a great choice. Zolo also gives you a 12-month warranty.

Powerbeats Pro

Priced From  $249USD

Whether you’re an athlete or just love going to the gym, you are going to love the Powerbeats Pro high-performance earphones. These earbuds have an ear hook design which helps to provide more stability during your workout activities. The earbuds are also able to sit in your ears nice and snug, Beats have redesigned these earbuds to be smaller, more compact and they won’t penetrate your ears too much to start feeling uncomfortable unlike most of the other premium true wireless earbuds.

Battery life is one of the best and most impressive on the market with up 9-hours of listing time and up to 24-hours with charging case. In Addition, just 5-minutes of charge will give you 1.5-hours and with a further 15-minutes of charge, you will you 4-hours of use.

Just like the AirPods, you get Apples amazing H1 chip you plus access to Siri, so you get the convenience and continuity of easily connecting it between all of your devices. Like most of the latest earbuds, you get touch controls to control audio playback and the music will automatically pause whenever you take the earbud out of your ear. You get Beats sound signature so they a very bass heavy with emphasis on the lows so mids and highs aren’t as clear and vibrant as the AirPods. The Power Beats Pro is currently our favourite pair true wireless earbuds for 2019, we highly recommend giving them a try. 



Samsung Gear IconX

Priced From  $119USD

 These lightweight earbuds are very comfy and stable in the ear and have passive noise isolation to block out outside environmental noises. The Galaxy Buds have an IPX2 rating so its water-resistant and will withstand a reasonable amount of sweat before running the risk of damaging them. Even though these true wireless earbuds are optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line, as proven by the proprietary scalable codec, but they also work perfectly with iPhone devices.

Your able to get an impressive 6 hours and 32 minutes of playtime, with an additional seven hours from the case that doubles as a wireless charger meaning that these earbuds have some of the best battery life of any true wireless earbuds on the market. 

The audio quality is excellent, the drivers are tuned by AKG. So audio is reproduced accurately and clearly with ample amount of bass, even during moments that are crowded by overlapping instruments. Additionally, the earbuds have sensitive and intuitive touch controls which means you swipe and tap to control your audio. They also have ambient sound so you’ll be able to hear your environment surrounding by pressing and holding the touchpad.


EARIN M-2 Bluetooth Earphone

Priced From  $335USD

These splash-proof Bluetooth earphones offer great performance and reliability.  The EARIN M-2 earbuds are very small and will sit in the ears very secure and comfy thanks to the comply foam tips. These tips are heat activated to conform to your ear canals. The entire outboard side of each earbud has a capacitive glass plate with touch sensors which allows you to tap to play, pause, skip and activate your voice assistant. The metal carrying case has a distinct cylindrical design that makes it stand out from the competition.

You get 4 hours of playtime when fully charged plus 10 additional hours with the charging case. Its able to provide you with up to 10m in wireless range. Using the EARIN app, you will be able to tune your music to your style and also adjust how much outside noise you want to hear.


Apple AirPods

Priced From $147USD

Apple has reinvented the way we use wireless earbuds with these Apple AirPods and even though the newly upgrade AirPods 2 is currently available,  the first gen AirPods are still excellent and are now great value. It offers great sound and along with 5 hours of battery life.

 The design and looks aren’t for everyone but they fit comfortably in the ear. There is no inline remote so you have to use Siri. You can double tap to adjust volume, change songs, make calls and get directions. The Apple AirPods is still one of the best wireless earbuds on the market and you can’t go wrong with them.


Jabra Elite 65t

Priced From  $149USD

The new Jabra Elite 65t truly wireless earbuds are very small and discrete when in the ears. These earbuds have an all plastic design with a titanium paint finish which gives it nice sleek look. They fit very comfortable and secure in the ear with little to no ear fatigue when wearing for long hours, so there perfect for running, cycling or just walking. You can get up to 5 hours of music playback which is pretty much the average for most truly wireless earphones. It does come with a charging case that provides 2 full charges, which is 10 more hours of playtime. It’s also has a quick charge feature, so just 5-10 minutes charge will give you 1 hour of playtime.

Sound quality is really good the bass is deep and natural, it’s not powerful and hard hitting like the Jaybird runs but you still get a good enough sound profile. The midrange is where it shines with good sound quality very clean crisp audio that’s a step above the Samsung Gear IconX. These earbuds are some of the first set of truly wireless headphones that has Bluetooth 5.0 technology which is great for battery life, signal reception and more.

There are 4 built-in microphones in the earphones all together which is a first for any truly wireless earphone and they provide the best call quality of any truly wireless earbuds on the market. Jabra will provide a 2-year dust and water resistant warranty with registration via Jabra sound.


Bose Sound Sport Free

Priced From  $199USD

The Bose Sound Sport Free is currently one of the best sounding truly wireless earbuds on the market. These earphones have a great connection to its Bluetooth source with a wireless range of over 70 feet without having signal interference. They are comfortable in the ears and won’t fall out very easily. You get up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge which is just above average for most true wireless headphones but the Sound Sports case will add an additional 10 hours of battery life. The case also has a quick charge feature so with just 15 mins of charging you get 40 minutes of playtime. They are sweat and water resistant. Bose is known for their excellent sound and the Sound Sport Free doesn’t disappoint, you get rich highs and mids with deep bass. The drawback is these headphones are a bit and heavy so these aren’t the most ideal headphones for running or jogging.


Sony WF1000X

Priced From  $198USD

The Sony WF1000X truly wireless earbuds are hands down some of the best noise-canceling truly wireless earbud on the market today. There is a dedicated app which gives you the ability to control how much outside noise you hear or you can just shut out all outside noise altogether.  Sony also included an Adaptive Sound Control feature, which uses the gyroscopes inside the earphones to workout if your stationary, walking, running or on transit and automatically adjust the noise-canceling to that particular surroundings.

The 1000X delivers impressive sound quality, you get balanced mids and highs along with light punchy bass. Make sure to download the Sony Headphone app to get the best audio experience. If your looking for earbuds with a bit more bass the Jaybird Run is a better option. You get 3 hours of playtime and with included charging case your able to get a total 9 hours of playtime. If you find your earbuds are low on power just 50 minutes of charge will give you an hour of playtime. If your looking for an excellent pair noise-canceling true wireless earbuds the Song WF1000x is what you need.


Sony WP SP700N

Priced From  $178USD

The Sony WP SP700N is the sportier version to the above Sony WF1000X. The earbuds are a bit bulkier when compared to most of the other truly wireless earbuds in its price range, but despite the size, the earbuds are very light and sit very comfy and secure in the ears thanks to the supple silicone tips and some nice ear fins that provides balance and stability. The tips also offer a great seal so passive noise isolation is very good.

The sound quality of the 700N is very good, you a solid amount of bass with loud clear highs and mids. You get 3 hours of playtime and with included charging case your able to get a total 9 hours of playtime. The earbuds share similar features to the Sony WF1000X’s so you get Digital noise canceling and Adaptive Sound Control along with the Sony’s headphone app which allows you to adjust the equalization and the sounds you get from the outside world. With an IPX4 rating, these headphones can handle sweat or splashes so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet during your workout activities.

Sennheiser Momentum

Priced From  $299USD

Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless Earbuds currently has the best sound quality of any true wireless earbud on the market. Each earbud has touch-sensitive controls that let you swipe or tap to control audio playback. See Full Review




Priced From  $350USD

The updated B&O Beoplay E8 2.0 by Bang & Olufson is the priciest pair of true wireless earbuds on this list. These earbuds are very comfortable in the ear and won’t fall even under intensive sports activities. You’ll get over 4 hours of battery life and the leather clamshell carrying case will provide 3 additional charges for a total of 16 hours of playtime. Like the previous version, the E8 2.0  has quick charge technology but the leather charging case now offers Qi wireless fast charging so you can seamlessly charge up your case with an optional Qi charging pad.

The sound quality is where these earbuds shine by delivering the best sound experience of any earbuds so far for 2019, outshining even the above Sennheiser Momentum earbuds. The E8 2.0 is very loud with strong deep rich bass combined with accurately pronounce mids and highs. B&O has also included a feature call Transparency Mode which allows you to select 3 different levels to hear the environment around you. The B&O Beoplay E8 2.0 has very intuitive touch-sensitive controls on both earpieces which provides a much simpler and more refined user experience.  Read Next: Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under   /$20   /$50/   $100

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