Best Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50 for 2020

With the market being flooded with plenty of unreliable cheap wireless earbuds. Finding a really good pair of truly wireless earbuds on a tiny budget can be extremely frustrating. There great budget options available but they don’t have all the cool features or audio qualities like the more expensive earbuds from Samsung, Apple, and JBL. But they are great alternatives that provide a good audio experience to listen your music, podcast and watch videos. Below are 8 of the best and most reliable budget friendly, truly wireless earbuds under $50, whether for home, the gym or for your outdoor adventures, there’s a pair of earbuds here for you. Read Next:  Best Truly Wireless Earbuds/  $20$100/   Waterproof



Aimus i11 Ture Wireless Earbuds a

Priced From  $46USD

These awesomely affordable true wireless earbuds punch way above their price range. They fit in the ears very comfortable and secure and delivers impressive sound quality that competes with some of the more pricier earbuds on the market. You get crystal clear mids and high with deep bass. Battery life is what you would expect at 3 hours plus the included pocket-friendly charging case will give you an additional 4 full charges.

The i11 Earbuds are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 chipset which produces efficient wireless connection and improved sound.  Additionally, It has an IPX5 so the earbuds are protected from sweat, water splash or raindrops.

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Alfawise HQB – Q32 TWS Binaural Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Priced From $19USD

These tiny earbuds by Alfawise will compete with some the more expensive true wireless earbuds on the market. They have an IPX5 rating, so they are sweat and splash resistant. The earbuds are lightweight with soft ear tips which provide a comfy and secure fit.

Sound quality is pretty good you get clear mids and highs with ample bass. You get an impressive 4-hours of battery life plus an additional 15 charges with the included charging case. The charging can also be used as a storage box and power pack for your phone. The Q32 is running the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology so you get a great connection up to 32 feet. 

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Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Wireless Earbuds

Priced From  $49USD

Anker is known for making great affordable audio products and this Soundcore Liberty Neo is no exception. These affordable earbuds will fit in your ears very comfortable and secure even under a decent amount of headbanging. Even though there is no IPX rating for the Neo earbuds, Anker claims they are sweat and rain proof, and can even be rinsed clean under the tap water.

The sound quality is extremely impressive. The Neo uses new Graphene Drivers that are designed to produce precise sound over an enormous soundstage. So, it delivers strong rich vocal with strong deep bass.

You get 3.5 hours of playback time and an addition 9 hours with the included charging case. Additionally, an LDS antenna, derived from satellite technology, is combined with Bluetooth 5. 0 to create an almost unbreakable link between your earbuds and your device so even in busy places there will be no skips or drops in audio performance.

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Treblab X5

Priced From  $69USD

The Treblabs X5 Advanced Sports True Wireless Earbuds is a bit over our $50 budget but it’s one of the best affordable pair of earbuds for the gym. Each earbud has wing tips that provide a very comfortable and secure fit, so they won’t fall out very easily during your workout activities.

Your able to get over 5-6 hours of battery life and the included charging case will fully charge the earbuds 4 times. The sound quality is very impressive, you get clean and crisp vocals with deep bass. The built-in microphone is very clear for phone calls with very good noise isolation. 

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SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 

Priced From   $32USD

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of true wireless earbuds that can out match or even out perform a lot of the more expensive true wireless earbuds, the SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds are best bang for buck true wireless earbuds on the around. These earbuds have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology with up to 33-feet in wireless range. It has an IPX4 rating, so they are splash proof but not waterproof.

You’re able to get 3-4 hours of playtime depending on your volume level and with the included charging case you’ll get up to 9 charges. The sound quality is where these earbuds shine with tight punchy bass with crystal-clear vocals. 

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Rowkin Surge True Wireless Headphones

Priced From  $40USD

The Rowkin Surge True Wireless Earbuds are a bit different than the other truly wireless earbuds on this list. They have an ear hook design that goes over the ears to give you a more comfortable and secure fit. The Surge has an IPX5 WaterSafe coating which makes them sweat-proof and water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about rain, sweat, fog, and snow. The sound quality is very good you get good strong mids and with decent high and strong punchy bass. The Surge offers 5 hours of playtime and with quick charge technology, just 10 minutes of charge will give you 1 full hour of music/talk time.

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Cobble Pro BT 5.0 

 Priced From  $44USD

The updated Cobble Pro BT 5.O true wireless earbuds are hands down one of the best pairs of budget-friendly true wireless earbuds on the market. These earbuds punch way above their weight and will easily compete with much more expensive quality true wireless earbuds. They have a very clean and sleek design that gives it a very premium look and feels. These sweatproof earbuds are very comfortable and will stay in the ears during your most rigorous sports activities. The sound quality is where Cobble Pro shines with very clean, clear highs and mids with deep rich bass.

You’ll get around 4 hours of play time and the charging case also acts as the charger for an additional battery life of up to 30 hours. Additionally, the charging case now has Qi wireless charging capability so you can wirelessly charge the case through any wireless charger. 

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George Pang


  1. These Wireless earbuds are they fully adjustable and comfortable n a next thing even tho they’re under $50 , Are they a good Value for you money.

    • No Vanessa they aren’t fully adjustable but just like most traditional wired earbuds these truly wireless earbuds are designed to fit all ears. Except for the Cshidworld Wireless Earbuds and the DYTOK Bluetooth Earbuds these earbuds all have removable tips to make sure you get a comfy and secure fit. But earphones like the GRDE and the Qi Wireless Earbuds have wing tips and ear hoods to provide more stability especially if you live an active lifestyle.
      To answer your second question, yes they are good value. They are very ease to use, they are durable and they deliver a good audio experience and considering that brands like Samsung, Bose and JBL earbuds cost up to 5 times more these are excellent options.

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