Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers 2021


SRS-XB43 on table alongside multiple Bluetooth compatible models with party lights

Sony has been one of the biggest and best brands in the audio space for decades. One of the main reasons is because they are one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking companies that’s always willing to push the envelope to produce some of the most innovative and best audio products on the planet. Whether you’re a Sony enthusiast or not, there’s no denying that Sony currently makes some the absolute best Bluetooth speakers on the market. Their speakers offer excellent audio, durability, reliability, and solid connectivity. Below are our picks for the best Sony Bluetooth Speakers on the market.

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Sony XB12

The Sony XB12 is one of the smallest and most compact Sony speakers on the market. Designed to go with you anywhere, this compact speaker includes a detachable strap which allows you to hang or carry it from anywhere. It has an IP67 rating which means it is water and dustproof, plus it can survive being dropped in water. Like all Sony XB speakers, you can also pair two Sony XB12 speakers together and have them play at the same time for a more stereo sound experience.

Your able gets 16 hours of playtimes and 2 hours recharged time. This small speaker sports a single upwards facing driver that provides a 360 degrees sound experience. The single monaural speaker works with a passive radiator to enhance low-end tones to improve bass performance. So, despite its compact size, you’re able to get impressive punchy bass with clear mids and highs. If you’re looking for ultimate portability in a compact size the Sony XB12 is a great option.

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Sony SRS-XB23

Sony XB23

The new Sony sound better than its predecessor. This is a great sound little Bluetooth speaker. This new design is bit smaller, compact, and more lightweight than the XB33 so you can easily toss it in a backpack or suitcase—or simply carry it in your hand.

It still boasts an IP67 rating which ensures that the XB23 is impervious to water and dust. So, you don’t have to worry about dropping it on the ground while camping. So just like all of Sony’s new XB line of speakers, the XB23 has much improved audio experience with much wider and clearer vocals with strong deep bass.

Moreover, this portable speaker can last a full 12 hours. This will give you and your friends plenty of time to dance the day away to or you can use it to keep yourself motivated while climbing up that advanced cliff.


Sony SRS-XB33 

The Sony XB33 is a really good Bluetooth speaker that’s an extremely durable speaker that’s perfect for taking on the go. It has a new LED lighting design that really helps this speaker to stand out from the competition. And no matter where life takes you don’t have to worry about damage because this portable speaker can resists dust can handle shocks and IP67 rating which means it has a fully waterproof body. So, if it encounters a little too much dust or dirt on your next adventure, you can actually wash it with no worries.

Moreover, this travel companion holds up to 24 hours of battery life. So, whether you’re going on a weekend camping trip or hosting an all-night rave the Sony SRS-XB33 will keep the party bumping all night. It delivers great sound quality with deep strong bass and clear vocals.

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