Best Sonos Speakers for 2019

Sonos has been one of the pioneers in delivering some of the best and most immersive audio experiences when it comes to home theatre and multi-room audio for decades for past 16 years. They have a reputation for high-quality sounding speakers. The speakers are super easy to set up and deliver the best audio experience in your home. Here is our collection of 6 of the best Sonos Speakers for 2019. You can’t go wrong with a Sonos system in your home.  Read Next:  Best Soundbars 2019

Sonos Beam

Priced From  $400USD

The Sonos Beam soundbar is a very affordable soundbar that features voice control and HDI connectivity. It is 60% smaller than the Sonos Playbar and is constructed from plastic with a cloth grill. The microphone works really well with Alexa voice assistant and at the moment this is the only compatible voice assistant, but it will be compatible with Google Assistant very soon. Because the system uses HDMI-CEC you will be able to turn your system on/off by just using your voice. The soundbar is HDMI connectivity only so there are no other audio inputs. This might be a turn off for some.

The Sonos Beam delivers a very wide soundstage that you won’t get from other soundbars in its price range. The sound it’s very impressive with clean, clear detailed audio with deep bass. Being a Sonos speaker you can always add a sub and a pair of Sonos One to get more surround sound experience.

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Sonos One

Priced From  $199USD

The updated Sonos One smart speaker now has Alexa voice-control built-in. It has a simple but elegant design that’s sure to blend in anywhere in your home to deliver some of best audio quality of any smart speaker on the market. Using Alexa is seamless and easy, it works just as good as Amazon’s own Echo speakers. One of the added benefits of using a Sonos system that you’re able to add multiple units for a more stereo sound experience or just to fill your house with music. The Sonos One is the ideal model for users who are new to Sonos systems.

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Sonos PlayBar

Priced From $700USD

Sonos is well known for their high-quality speakers and with the Sonos PlayBar that high quality shines brightly. It has 9 amplified drivers, 6 mid woofers and 3 high range tweeters that delivers one of the best one the best immersive home theatre experience of any soundbar on the market. It’s designed to fit underneath your TV but you can also mount it on your wall. The Sonos PlayBar has been getting a lot of praise by reviewers on Amazon for its intuitive Android/ iOS app that provides your favorite streaming services and can be used to play different music from different rooms in your home. It has 2 ethernet ports, a power socket, an optical input. The PlayBar doesn’t use HDMI but instead uses optical audio output. So check to see if your TV has optical output before you even consider buying the Sonos PlayBar. I love the Sonos PlayBar it’s hands down one of the best Sound Bars on the market at any price point and I highly recommend it.

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Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer

Priced From  $699USD

The Sonos SUB is one of the best subwoofers around that delivers a truly theatrical experience in your home. It complements your Soundbar and other Sonos speaker systems by bringing new life to music and movies that require a rich bassline. One of the best things about this SUB is that it will perform impressively no matter where you put in your home.

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Sonos Playbase

Priced From  $699USD

The Sono Playbase is a soundbar that sits beneath your TV as a mount. It looks a bit different from your average soundbar but it delivers a very similar audio experience to the Sono Playbar. This flat soundbar has a very unique sleek design with a clean mat finish that helps it to blend in with your TV or home theatre. You’re able to stream from your favorite music service but there’s no Bluetooth or HDMI connectivity. The playback delivers a rich sound experience and you’re able to pair with more Sonos speakers for a full surround sound. The Sono Playbase is perfect for unmounted TVs.

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Sonos Play 5 Ultimate

Priced From  $499USD

The Sonos Play 5 Ultimate provides the most all-around of any speaker in the Sonos line up. This powerful speaker can be used as the primary output for your music, movies or any other audio playback. It has simple touch-sensitive controls and boasts 6 amplifiers and drivers that delivers a powerful and brilliant sound with attention detail, dynamic range and excellent bass that fills even the largest rooms and whether you position it vertically or horizontally audio is still excellent. Read Next:  Best Soundbars 2019

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 Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome Sonos devices, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Sonos speakers please comment below.

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