Best Smartphone Gadgets of 2019

Best Smartphone Gadgets of 2019

Here at yourtechspace, we like to find new and interesting gadgets to share with you.  For 2019, there are a lot of new and unique products popping up but not all are well made or is as impressive as advertised. So we have made sure to do thorough research and reviews to find you the absolute best and most reliable gadgets on the market. These new and interesting finds are sure to improve the way you use your smartphone.


Priced From $31USD

The KIIPIX is one of our favorite printing accessories. This is very simple and easy to use film camera that allows you to manually create polaroid images from the screen of your smartphone. You can do this by simply selecting an image on your smartphone then place the screen of the smartphone facing down on the top KIIPIX with the image still being displayed. Then just click the shutter button and rotate the knob and you’ll have your very own vintage polaroid as souvenirs. What makes this device so awesome is that it works without Bluetooth, WiFi, power or battery.

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Sinjimoru Credit Card Holder

Priced From $8USD

If your the kind of person that’s looking for a very simple way to carry around your cards and money this card holder is a great option. The Sinjimoru pouch has a fold on top to stop your contents from falling out easily and keep them safe and secure. It easily sticks to the back your smartphone and the very slim design allows it to be none intrusive on how your smartphone feels on your hand.

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Vinci Smart Headphones

Priced From  $199USD

What makes the Vinci Smart Headphone so unique is the amazing and responsive touchscreen display on the side of the earcup. This Bluetooth headphone can operate stand alone without a smartphone and stream music via 3G network or WiFi to stream music from Amazon Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Vinci has its own voice assistant so you can say the song, artist, album, mood, genre that you want to hear or just ask the voice assistant to play a song for you and it also supports Amazon Alexa. You get 26 hours of Bluetooth playback and 7 hours of standalone music playback with 16GB of internal memory to store all your music.

There’s a built-in sound recorder to record and playback voice recordings. Sound quality is very good no matter which music source of music streaming you use and these headphones will pause your music when removing them from your ear and plays automatically once you put it back on your ears. The Vinci Smart Headphone is a step forward in the headphone universe and is a bargain for the price.

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Priced From $208USD

The LifePack is one of the best smart power backpacks on the market. Its versatility allows it to be your everyday take anywhere backpack as well as being your mobile office. There is an integrated 3-in-1 powerbank which is also a Bluetooth speaker, and a solar power system all in one. The power bank will charge your smartphone up to 6 times and will regenerate 1 extra charge with just 4 hours of sunlight. If you’re into music just flip the powerbank to the other side and you have a powerful Bluetooth speaker that delivers loud clear vocals with plenty of bass.

This backpack has plenty of storage compartments both inside and outside to fit all your equipment plus 4 hidden compartments to store your personal items. The LifePack is also water resistant, however, there’s a protective rain cover that’s hidden away at the base of the bag to provide that extra protection should you need it. Similar to anti-theft backs the LifePack has a retractable, combination lock with cable so you’re able to prevent unauthorized access and theft.

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Mountie by Ten One Design

Priced From $23USD

This awesome little gadget lets you mount your smartphone or small tablet at the side of your laptop or MacBook for extra productivity. Its very easy to mount but if your laptop has a good quality hinge otherwise is will cause wobble.

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome gadgets for your headphone, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other kool gadgets please comment below.


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