Best LED Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Best LED Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Best LED Bluetooth Speakers

LED Bluetooth speakers are now the best way to enhance your portable music entertainment in any environment both indoors and outdoors. These awesome Bluetooth speakers produce fantastic light shows that are very fun and entertaining. If you’re looking to take your portable music experience to the next level, a LED Bluetooth speaker is sure to add a bit more flair and entertainment to any environment. Our collection LED Bluetooth speakers are the best on the market, they offer excellent sound quality with beautiful LED lighting. Read Next: Best LED Bluetooth Under $100



DOSS SoundBox Plus

Doss Soundbox Plus

The DOSS SoundBox Plus one of the best-LED speakers under $50. It’s a quality affordable LED speaker that has all the functions of the more premium Bluetooth speakers on the market. It sports a lighting feature button that gives you the flexibility to control the LEDs by making the lights fade in and out and into different colours as well. Plus fade in multiple colours at the same time or have the light pulsate to your music. Read our full Review

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Anker Soundcore Flare 2

Anker Soundcore Flare 2

The Anker Soundcore Flare has been one of my favourite affordable speakers in this price range because its high-quality construction and LED lights and good sound quality. And that quality continues with the Soundcore Flare 2. It now features new drivers which improve audio performance so you get more pronounced bass and improved clarity in vocals.

The dual dual-LED halo lights offer 6 LED lighting modes that you can adjust with the Soundcore app. Additionally, with Soundcore app, you can also adjust and customizes your EQ sitting to your listening style. And thanks to IPX7 rating, this speaker can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes so you don’t have to worry about water or sand ruining it. 

 If you have multiple Flare 2 speakers, you can connect up to 100 and really get your party started. Other notable features include a 5,200 mAh, 12-hour battery that is rechargeable via USB-C.

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UD MIANOVA LED Bluetooth Speaker

 UD MIANOVA LED Bluetooth Speaker

This beautifully affordable speaker has a very elegant design that makes it look and feel very premium. The LEDs are covered with a hard plastic material that’s similar the more expensive JBL Pulse 3 speaker below. It offers 6 different lighting colour themes. You can choose any colour you love or let it change or oscillate automatically.

It delivers impressive room-filling audio with clean, clear mids and high backed by a decent amount of bass. Moreover,  if you want a loud and more stereo-like experience, you can also pair 2 require a more stereo UD MIANOVA and have them play together. Finally, the MIANOVA speaker can play music up to 8 hours with the LED lights on and 10 hours when turned off.

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Sony SRS-XB43

The Sony XB43 is a step about the XB33. It has dual woofers and dual tweeters which ensures that you hear all the clearer highs and treble notes alongside Sony’s signature deep bass. This is in part thanks to its 2 passive radiators that work with its two-way speaker setup. This combination ensures that you don’t miss any of the lowest tones.

Like its smaller sibling, the XB43 has been rated IP67 for both its waterproof and dustproof abilities. It is even capable of resisting salt water, meaning it’s a great beach companion. 

One of the most standout features on this speaker is the light feature. You have light strips on either side that flashes in different colours and the lights on the woofers and tweeters each flash independently from one another. And using the app you have a wide range of lighting options to choose from.

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JBL Pulse 4

The JBL Pulse 4 is one of the best-LED Bluetooth speaker on the market today. The lights can move according to your music, to the beat of a song or you can customize the lighting to whichever way you want. Using the JBL Connect app, control the LED lighting as well as the equalizer.

Furthermore, it has an IPX7 rating, meaning its waterproof and can be submerged to depths of up to three feet. Additionally, the Pulse 4 offers up to 12 hours of playtime. So your party can go all night long, and this compact speaker will keep up. If you have any other JBL speakers that use Party Boost, you can pair up to 2 of them with your Pulse 4 to get an even more immersive sound experience. Read Next: Best JBL Speakers

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Sony GTK-XB72 Wireless Dance Party Speaker

When it comes to portable party speakers, the Sony GTK-XB72 Wireless Dance Party Speaker gives you the ability to have a dance party anywhere. This awesome speaker is powerful enough to provide serious, deep beats without the support of other speakers. It also has multiple multi-coloured LED lights that will provide you with the perfect dance party atmosphere. These colourful LED lights are able to strobe and flash to the beat of whatever song is playing.

The XB72 delivers a Sony’s Signature sound with strong mids and high plus strong deep bass. It can also deliver a more powerful bass sounds that amplify across a room, by simply press the Extra Bass button. This Bluetooth party speaker also features NFC tap to pair and a Party Chair Mode which allows you wireless connect to more than one speaker and have them play in sync. The Sony GTK-XB72 Wireless Dance Party Speaker is extremely versatile so you can set it upright for tight settings or horizontal if you have the room.

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DOSS Soundbox Pro Speaker

DOSS SoundBox Pro+

The DOSS Soundbox Pro is a bit of an upgraded its cheaper sibling the SoundBox +. It also offers a better-LED display and better an audio experience, but it’s still amazing value. This speaker doesn’t look or feel cheap and plasticky like most of the other speakers in its price range. It has a rubberized texture that covers the entire enclosure that makes it feel as tough and rugged as the name brand quality speakers on the market. It’s water-resistant with an IPX5 rating which means it can handle light water sprays but it cant be submerged underwater like most of its competition. Read Full Review

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JBL Pulse 3


Even the new JBL Pulse 4 currently rules supreme, the JBL Pulse 3 is still better than most of the completion and a great option is cant affordable the newer Pulse 4. The Pulse 3 is jam pack with more features than most. The lights can move according to your music, to the beat a song or you can customize the lighting to the way that you want. When charging the Pulse 3 you will get green indicator lighting and when pairing the entire speaker glows blue. Using the JBL Connect app, you will be able to take a photo of a colour and make that same colour show on the speakers. The app will also give you a lot more control options for the LED lighting as well as the equalizer.

The Pulse 3 is IPX7 certified which means it can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter. Like most of the other JBL speakers your able to mix and match over 100 JBL Connect Plus speakers together and have them all play at the same time to enhance your audio experience. It offers 15 hours of playtime with over 60 feet of wireless range. Even though you can take this speaker anywhere it performs best in small and medium-sized rooms. The sound quality is one of the best around, it delivers good ample bass with clear and detail vocals. Read Next: Best LED Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

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Sony MHC-V90W


If your looking for the ultimate LED Bluetooth then look no further than the Sony MHC-V90W.  Sony’s high-powered audio system is a 10 speakers’ system, each built with a horn a shape design to push the sound over longer distances. It boasts coloured party lights at the back that projects on the walls while the bright lights at the front of the speakers glow to create a club-like feel.

This system features built-in gesture control for DJ Samplers and Karaoke modes. You can make club sound effects with a simple swipe or control music playback by flicking or rotating the wheel. Further, the gesture control and motion control via your smartphone makes managing music easy.

You can also access your favourite internet streaming services via Wi-Fi while controlling the playlist from your phone.

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome LED Bluetooth Speakers, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Bluetooth Speaker please comment below.

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