Best House of Marley Bluetooth Speakers 2019

Very few companies make us feel good about the products we are buying like House Of Marley. House Of Marley was Founded by the family of the legendary artist Bob Marley to continue to spread the joy of music through there awesome products. Ever since their debut at CES 2012, House Of Marley has been producing incredible audio products that are beautifully made from recycled materials and FSC certified wood while delivering an outstanding sound experience. All Marley BT products are put through rigorous testing to make sure each device adheres to industry standard set by Bluetooth SIG. One of the best parts about buying a House Of Marley product is that proceeds of the profits go to good causes like planting new trees. Our collection has the best House Of Marley Bluetooth speakers on the market for 2019. Read Next: Best House Of Marley Bluetooth Headphones


Priced From $46USD

The House Of Marley Liberate Bluetooth speaker is constructed primarily from Marley exclusive environmentally friendly REWIND fabric, recycled metal, and natural bamboo. It offers up to 8 hours of playtime and a wireless range of up to 25m. The sound quality is where this speaker shines with the legendary Marley signature sound you get strong bass-rich audio with clean crisp highs and mids. The Liberate speaker is currently one of the oldest House of Marley speaker models on the market but it still offers some of the best performs of any speaker in its price range.

No Bounds 

Priced From $60USD

Being part of the Marley’s newest No Bounds speaker line for 2018, this awesome little speaker is similar to the more popular JBL Clip 2. And like the Clip 2 this No Bounds speaker was designed for adventures great and small. This travel companion has an IP67 rating, so it will be able to handle drops in pools, rivers or the ocean and work just fine. Its crafted from House Of Marley’s exclusive rewind fabric, recycled aluminum and regrind silicone so it will float and not sink when in water. You’ll get loud and crisp vocal with punchy bass backed by around 10-hours of playtime. If you need a more surround sound experience the No Bounds speakers have Wireless Dual Speaker Pairing which allows you to connect with another compatible speaker via Bluetooth and play them at the same time.

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No Bounds Sport 

Priced From $94USD

The No Bound Sport is the bigger brother to the smaller No Bounds speaker above. It’s not as portable as its smaller sibling but this speaker is louder and also delivers 360-degree sound so you will be able to hear the speaker clearly regardless of where your standing. There’s also an optional storage compartment at the base of the speaker that you can use to hide the charging cable. These speakers are built from Marley’s exclusive Rewind Fabric, Regrind Silicone, Regrind Cork and Recyclable Aluminum. Also, like its smaller sibling, the No Bounds Sport has the same IP67 rating so its dust resistant and waterproof. This speaker offers 12-hours of playtime backed by quick charge technology so you can be fully charged in just 2-hours.

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Riddim BT

Priced From $130USD

This beautifully designed speaker is a great travel companion for those looking for something a bit bigger than the rugged No Bound speaker. It sports two 8W full range active drivers and two passive bass radiators which produce excellent mids and highs with deep rich bass. This speaker is constructed from renewable materials with bamboo sides and a cork base. You’re able to enjoy your tunes for up to 10-hours with 45-feet in wireless range. The Riddim BT Bluetooth speaker comes complete with a removable leather carrying strap, so you’re able to carry it around with relative ease.

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House Of Marley Chant Mini

Priced From  $40USD

The House Of Marley Chant Mini is a kool little speaker that punches above its weight.  Its IPX4 splash resistant so its perfect for outdoor adventures like going to the beach or chilling poolside. Sound quality is very clean and clear with crisp highs and mids. There’s also a built-in microphone for taking phone calls. All House of Marley products is made from recycled material.

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House Of Marley Get together BT

Priced From  $278USD

The House Of Marley Get Together BT Bluetooth front and back panels are made from natural bamboo as well as natural fabric called REWIND. The REWIND fabric is made from recycled plastic water bottles, hemp, and organic cotton. Not only is this a kool and environmentally friendly speaker, but it also sounds awesome with its room-filling 3½-inch high output woofers and 1-inch tweeters for crisp clear highs.

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One Foundation

Priced From $753USD

The One Foundation Premium home HiFi system has a very minimalist but classy design. This gorgeous speaker is constructed from renewable Oakwood, aluminum, and plastic. It offers Bluetooth, Optical Digital, and WiFi connectivity so it’s an excellent speaker for your home entertainment. The sound quality is loud and clear with plenty of warmth and rich vocals. It also has a really stylish remote that you can use to control audio playback should you choose. The One Foundation speaker is hands down one of the most beautiful in-home speakers on the market.

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Bag Of Riddim

Priced From $250USD

This is one of the best and most portable party speaker on the market. The House Of Marley Bag Of Riddim 2 comes with a custom removable bag with shoulder a strap, handles, and a convenient front storage pocket. This makes it very easy to carry around especially when compared to the other portable speakers in its price range.  It has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which can last up to 10-hours with 4-hours recharge time. The sound is very impressive with rich vocals and strong deep bass. So if you’re not into bass-rich audio the Riddim 2 won’t be for you.

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No Bounds XL

Priced From $169USD

The No Bounds XL is the biggest and most powerful of House of Marley’s all-new No Bounds speaker line. It’s perfect for outdoor use and has all the same features as its smaller siblings like waterproofing and wireless dual speaker pairing. This powerhouse delivers an awesome sound experience with strong deep bass backed by rich mids and highs. If you’re looking for a powerful speaker to take to the beach or by the pool the No Bound XL is a great option.  Read Next: Best House Of Marley Bluetooth Headphones

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome Marley BT speakers, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other speakers please comment below.

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