Best Bluetooth Neck Speakers of 2020

Around the neck Bluetooth speakers are the new wearable speakers that provide a whole new way to listen and enjoy music, movies, and games. Wearing these speakers around your neck allows the drivers to blast audio from the neck up to your ears providing a more personal but open listening experience that’s not as isolating as headphones or earbuds while allowing you to remain fully aware of your surroundings.  Neck Bluetooth speakers are very new to the market but they deliver a different kind of audio experience when compared to regular Bluetooth speakers and headphones. I’ve rounded up the best wearable neck Bluetooth speakers available on the market today. Read Next:  Best Wearable Bluetooth Speakers



NAXA Electronics NAS-3100 Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Priced From $19USD

The NAXA Electronics NAS-3100 Wearable Bluetooth Speaker is the cheapest neckband speaker on our list. This very cheap device doesn’t deliver the best audio quality but it does provide a comfortable fit around the neck while offering an enjoyable and immersive sound experience.

What we love the most about the affordable NAS-3100 is that you’re able to use it in multiple ways. You can stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or smart device, you can also play music from external storage devices via the included USB and memory card ports located on the side of the speaker. Plus, you can also manually connect to devices that do not support Bluetooth and just plug and play via the 3. 5mm auxiliary jack.

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JBL SoundGear

Priced From $149USD
The powerful JBL SoundGear was built for gamers and casual users. Its made from soft-touch fabric and rubber anti-slip material that’s designed to be very lightweight, stable and comfy around the neck while not causing any discomfort or skin irritations.  You get 6 hours of playtime and it has the ability to be pair with up to 2 Bluetooth sources to share the audio experience. The sound quality of the SoundGear is very impressive, it has quad transducers with bass boost which delivers an exceptional sound experience. It delivers clean crisp mids and highs with punchy bass and good noise canceling. Voices calls are very clear thanks, the dual microphones one on each side which makes sure your voice will be audible no matter where you turn your head. JBL always delivers excellent audio devices and the JBL SoundGear is no exception it’s one of the best neck speakers you can buy today.

Oraolo Neckband Bluetooth Speakers

Priced From  $55USD

The affordable Oraolo Neckband Bluetooth Speakers is perfect for all your workout activities. It boasts an IPX5 rating which is the highest on this list. Which means this wireless speaker is fully sweat and weather-resistant. You get the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology with a stable wireless connection of up to 100 feet.

Additionally, the Oraolo has a lightweight design and is made of silicone materials which allows it to be very comfortable on your neck even if you wear it all day. And thanks to the upward-facing built-in 3W two-speaker system, your able to get a great audio experience that allows you to get immersed in your music even when you at the gym.

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Sony Wearable Neck Speaker SRS-WS1

Priced From  $243USD
The Sony Wearable Neck Speaker SRS-WS1 is not as mobile as the other speakers on this list because it’s designed for home entertainment. One good thing about the SRS-WS1 speaker is that it has three different levels of vibration settings which enables the speaker to achieve lower sounds without reducing the quality of the audio. With only two speakers the sound quality is pretty good but not as impressive as other speakers on this listen. You get 7 hours of music playback time and you will only be able to connect to a mobile device via a 3.5mm cable because the SRS-WS1 speaker works with a proprietary transmitter. You’re also able to sync up 2 Sony neck speakers at once to enjoy movies with a friend or family member. The Sony SRS-W1 is the perfect neck speaker to listen to audio from a television or stereo.

Bose SoundWear Companion

Priced From  $299USD
The Bose SoundWear is the best sounding neck speaker on the market to date. This light, rugged and durable speaker will adjust to fit your shoulders in whatever position you put it. It delivers that very excellent soundstage that Bose is well-known for with rich tone and ample bass. Unlike the other neck Bluetooth speakers on this list, the SoundWear is dust, sweat, and weather-resistant thanks to an IPX4 rating. The crinkle-free fabric cover can be removed to be cleaned or replaced with one of the many other colorful covers available. On the right side, there are three buttons that allow you to control audio playback, make calls and access Google Assistant or Siri. You get 12 hours of playback time which is pretty impressive when compared to the other neck speakers on this list.  Using your smartphone your able to access the bose connect app which gives you more control over the speaker. If your looking for the best sound experience the Bose SoundWear is the best around.


LG TONE Studio

Priced From  $279USD
The LG Tone Studio takes a very unique approach to wearable audio. It’s both a Bluetooth neck speaker and Bluetooth earbuds all in one, making it the most versatile speaker on this list. The speaker has 3D Surround Sound with 4 strategically placed drivers that are designed to deliver dimensional surround sound with vibrations. But the sound quality isn’t as impressive or as good as the Bose or JBL neck speakers. The retractable Bluetooth earbuds deliver pretty decent sound quality with clear mids and decent bass. There’s also an auxiliary jack which makes it easy to connect to non-Bluetooth devices or connect two LG Tone Studio speakers simultaneously to a single source. The LG Tone Studio is the best all in one option on the market today.

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Nomodo U Wireless Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Priced From  $79USD

This Nomodo U Wireless Wearable Bluetooth Speaker is hands down one of the best neck Bluetooth speakers under the $100 price tag. It has a very sleek, lightweight design backed by solid build quality. And thanks to its IPX4 rating it is protected against sweat and water.

Battery life is far from impressive, you will be able to get 5 hours of music playtime and a wireless range of up to 10m. The sound quality is great, you get crisp, clean audio with ample bass to enjoying your favorite music, podcast, TV show or movie whether your home, exercising or traveling.

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Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers

Priced From  $39USD

The Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers have a different design and form factor when compared to the other neck speakers on the market. It has two small Bluetooth speakers that are connected to very flexible rubber cables that can adjust for maximum comfort. But what makes these neck speakers so unique is that these are magnetic speakers that attach to your clothing. There are two small magnets that you clip on to your shirt or whatever piece clothing your wearing, to hold each speaker firmly in place. Once the magnets are connected to the speakers, the speakers will stick to your garment and will stay secure no matter what physical sporting activity you take part in.

You only get 4 hours of playtime which isn’t as impressive as some of the other speakers on this list but it will still be enough to get you through your workout. The Zulu Audio has Bluetooth 4.1 technology and with a wireless range of up to 15 feet. Audio is very loud, with clean and clear mids and highs but the bass is lacking so if your the kinda person that likes some bass in your audio these speakers aren’t for you. The speakers have an IPX4 rating so they can handle sweat, rain, and small splashes with no problem. Read Next:  Best Wearable Bluetooth Speakers

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome wearable neck speakers, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Bluetooth speaker please comment below.

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