Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

An anti-theft backpack will keep your belonging safe and secure from would-be pickpockets and bags snatchers, whether you’re travelling near or far, by foot or public transport you shouldn’t have to be looking over your shoulder with fear. Having an anti-theft backpack will allow you to travel safely and comfortably without having to be concerned about unwanted incidents especially in highly crowded areas. Below are some of the best anti-theft backpacks on the market.


Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port

This Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel backpack is the cheapest anti-theft backpack on this list. The zipper for the main compartment is hidden near the back of the back so thieve won’t be able to spot it very easily. But it not only protects all your valuables, but it also has a built-in charging cable so you can add a power bank to your devices on the go. Inside there are plenty of slots for all your accessories plus a padded sleeve for a 15.6 laptop. There is a retroreflective tape on the front of the bag which makes this backpack more conspicuous at night. Oscaurt offers a one year warranty for each purchase.

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XD Design Bobby Anti Theft Backpack

The XD Design Bobby Anti Theft Backpack is one of the most secure and affordable backpacks you can buy today. It’s one of the most difficult bags to break into because the zipper is fully hidden in the back of the bag just over the straps so no thief will be able to find the opening of your bag to get to your stuff. What makes this bag so durable is that it’s made up of water-resistant fabric, a few layers of anti-shock foam and a cut-proof PP protection board. All these layers together will stop any thief from cutting or slashing through your bag and running away with your belongings.

On the inside, you have tons of slots and pockets to fit your laptop, tablet, phones, accessories, books, plus hidden pockets both inside and outside to hide your cash, wallet, passport or debit. There’s also an integrated charging port so you can drop a power bank in your bag to charge your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the go. For added safety at night, there are reflective bars at the back and sides of the bag to make sure you travel safely. View More Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

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SITHON Slim Lightweight Anti Theft Business Travel Bag

The SITHON Slim Lightweight is a very stylish and affordable back that stands out from the competition thanks to no zippers or pockets at the front of the bag. The zipper is strategically hidden to keep your valuables safe and secure from theft.

Its made of high density splash-proof and tear-resistant polyester fabric which provides excellent durability and reliability and effective resistance from rainwater splashing. Inside there’s a padded sleeve for a 15-inch laptop and 11-inch tablet plus plenty of slots to fit all your gear and keep them safe and secure.

This anti-theft bag is also TSA friendly and boasts an external USB charging port making it easy to charge your device on the go. Finally, for comfort, it has back padding and padded shoulder straps.

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XD-Design Urban Cut Proof Anti-Theft backpack

The XD-Design Urban Cut Proof Anti-Theft Backpack is made entirely out of anti-cut material which makes it impenetrable to thieves. Plus it boasts a steel reinforced lock that keeps your bag locked while you’re carrying it and when you are not carrying it, you can use the lock to secure the bag to any fixed object like a table or chair to prevent theft.

This water repellent backpack also has hidden RFID protected pockets, and Padded dividers on the inside to keep your essentials safe. Moreover, the Urban Cut backpack has a massive 27L capacity so you have a lot of space to carry a 15.6inch laptop, a 12.9inch tablet and all the gear you need.

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Bobby Bizz Anti-theft Backpack & Briefcase

XDesign is known for making some of the best and most secure anti-theft backpacks on the market and this Bobby Bizz anti-theft backpack and briefcase is one of the best hybrids on the market today. It’s a soft, comfortable and extremely sold multifunction backpack that’s made from an anti-cut, water-repellent fabric. This knife proof inner layer along with the hidden zippers will definitely be very hard to steal or cut open.

It has plenty of room and protective pockets to keep all your gear safe and organized. Like some of the other anti-theft backpacks on this list, it has an integrated USB charging cable so you can add a power bank to keep your devices charged when you’re on the move.

By simply tucking the shoulder straps away inside the back, you’ll transfer this awesome backpack in a professional briefcase. If you have to leave your bag anywhere the bobby bag has a steel wire construction strap with integrated a zinc alloy lock that you can wrap around and lock to objects like tables, chairs or even poles and lock it in place to prevent anyone from stealing or cutting it away. View More Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

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Korin Design ClickPack Pro – Anti-theft BackPack

If you are one of those people that carry around a lot of expensive gear this Korin Design ClickPack Pro is hands down one of the best and most secure backpacks you can buy today. The YKK double layer zipper is explosion-proof, tested over 1000 times to ensure a long-lasting and smooth seal. It also has a TSA certified password locking system to lock your zippers and turn your backpack into a vault. This awesome backpack is made of special slash-resistant fabrics that plus a layer of rain protective coating to repel rain. There’s even a retractable metal wire lock that you can wrap around and lock to chairs, tables, poles or whatever you can find to help to secure your backpack.

The ClickPack Pro has one of the most organized smart storage systems you will see on any back. There are padded sleeves for a 15-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet, plus plenty of labelled slots and detachable pouches for all your gear. It also has a USB cable so you can add a power bank to charge up your mobile devices.

Comfort is another main area for the ClickPack Pro, its design to distribute weight on your back and shoulders evenly to provide the best comfort possible. If you’re looking for maximum protection this Korin Design ClickPack Pro is one of the best around.

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Pacsafe Vibe 20 Liter Anti Theft Travel Daypack

This super rugged bag is perfect for daily commutes whether you’re catching the tube to work or zipping around town on your bike. Is made from durable textile materials along with an eXomesh slash guard. The eXomesh slash guard is a lightweight flexible, stainless steel wire mesh that’s strategically placed in the most commonly vulnerable areas of the bag to help protect your gear from a quick slash and running theft.

The shoulder straps have a lot of cushioning plus they are also embedded with flexible, lightweight stainless steel wires that will help prevent slashing. The main zippers are designed to overlap and lock together so they can be locked to the Roobar anti-theft anchor. The Roobar anti-theft anchor lock is a locking mechanism that locks your zippers securely making it harder for pickpockets to unzip your bag and whip out your valuables.

On the inside, this slim backpack offers a reasonable amount of space to fit your laptop, tablet, camera, plus a few book and accessories. Additionally, this day back boast an RFID-blocking pocket designed to block identity scanners from retrieving your personal information from your ID and credit cards. 

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